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Free Rapid Relaxation Hypnosis

You can get your FREE audio right now to help you:

Calm your anxious feelings and thoughts

Ease your stress and worry

Quieten your mind and think more clearly

Feel more relaxed and in control



AnxietyNoMore Set

Anxiety No More - The Complete Anxiety Freedom Toolkit

Sick of feeling anxious? Ready to end those anxious thoughts and feelings?

Do you want to end your anxiety and start feeling calm and in control?

In this complete anxiety freedom toolkit you will get three audios (including two powerful hypnosis tracks) as well as your 40 page information packed Anxiety No More guide. It's my most popular product so check it out now!



Anxiety Hypnosis

Get freedom and relief from the burden of your anxiety

Install feelings of calmness, control and confidence

Take these positive feelings into every situation



Super Charge Your Confidence Hypnosis

assively intensify your natural feelings of confidence

Develop the internal strength and resilience you need to succeed

Programme your mind to naturally feel more confident 

Get rid of your unnecessary emotional and psychological worry, tension and fears

Enjoy becoming progressively more and more mentally calm and physically relaxed

Develop a calm perspective allowing you the ability to deal with and cope with things more easily  

Let go of unwanted worry, clear your mind and enjoy a sense of freedom from overthinking

Feel much more in control over your thoughts and feelings  


Quickly ease away your stress and find instant relief

Become more and more mentally calm and physically relaxed

Develop a strong and positive mindset to handle any challenges

Start feeling more calm, confident and in control

Feel a growing sense of control over your thoughts and feelings

Enjoy freedom from stress and a sense of release from tension 



anxiety panic hypnotherapy ely newmarketThe Hypnotherapy Experts: Strategies from the 'A' List

The Hypnotherapy Experts book was published in 2015. It was written by leading hypnotherapists who were invited to contribute based on their proven track record of successfully helping others. The book as written by established experts to help and support other hypnotherapists who want to develop their expertise in specialist fields.

As an expert in helping people overcome Anxiety and Panic Attacks, Dan's chapter is all about how therapists can help their clients to be free of unnecessary and unwanted anxiety and panic.

The book is available to purchase on Amazon in paperback and Kindle formats.