My Newmarket Clinic

My office location for hypnotherapy in Newmarket is:

newmarket hypnotherapy white tara mill hill


White Tara Complementary Health Centre

32 Dellor's Yard

Mill Hill


Suffolk CB8 0JB

Tel: 01638 669933

Mob: 07724 155715


How To Get Here:

Walking: My office is just a couple of minutes walk from the market place. Walk up Mill Hill (towards the Leisure Centre) and Dellor's Yard is on the right hand side. It is opposite the blocks of flats and the entrance is directly opposite a huge tree and you can follow the 'White Tara Theraoy Centre' sign. White Tara Health Centre is at the bottom of the lane. 

By Car: From the direction of Exning, continue past the Leisure Centre and look for the entrance to Dellor's Yard on the left as you make your way down the hill towards the market place and shops. The turning is opposite the blocks of flats and you can follow the  'White Tara Therapy Centre' sign. There is some client parking available outside the Clinic. 

From the direction of the market place, begin driving up Mill Hill and look for a turning on the right hand side, opposite the blocks of flats. You can follow the 'White Tara Therapy Centre' sign to enter Dellor's Yard. The Centre is at the bottom of the lane and has some client parking available outside. 


Car Parking: 

The Centre has some parking space directly outside for clients. Alternaitvely there is street parking on Mill Lane and there are several long stay car parks in the town centre. The Clinic is just a few minutes walk from the High Street and market place.


Hypnotherapy in newmarket 



Old Location up to end July 2017:

My Newmarket hypnotherapy clinic takes place at:Newmarket Hypnotherapy 1

White Tara Complementary Health Centre

7 All Saints Road

Newmarket, CB8 8ES

Tel: 01638 669933

How to get here

The Centre is less than two minutes walk from the High Street. From the High Street, follow the passageway between Cafe Nero's and Pizza Hut. You will see All Saints Church on your left. Opposite the Church there is a row of shops and the entrance to the Centre is on the far right (as you face the shops). Please come upstairs and take a seat in the waiting area.

Car Parking

The nearest public car park is on All Saints Road, this is about a two minute walk from the clinic. There is also a short stay car park behind TK Maxx which is a five minute walk. There are charges in operation at each of these car parks.