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Video Testimonials for Dan Regan Hypnotherapy

Here are some of the video testimonials recorded by Dan's clients after working with him. You can also read many more written reviews of what people have said.

Note: Please note that some of my client results may vary from person to person. 

Steve Miller overcomes 40 year blood phobia and needle phobia

Eloise ends her anxiety and starts sleeping better

Treating anxiety with hypnotherapy in Ely

Relaxation Hypnosis To End Worry & Sleep Better

Free From Anxiety & Enjoying Life

How to be more confident with hypnotherapy like Marc

Dealing with anxiety in Ely - Anxiety Relief Hypnotherapy

Successfully Overcoming Anxiety

Ending Fear of Deep Water & Swimming

Bret overcomes his anxiety and depression issues

Jean overcomes her anxiety and panic attacks

Health Motivation Hypnotherapy

Asthma and Anxiety Helped

Severe anxiety eliminated by Alice

Ben boosts his confidence and happiness

Sarah overcomes driving anxiety to pass her test

Laura increases her football confidence and motivation

Teresa's 3 stone weight loss

Heather ends her needle phobia

Clive increases his confidence

Simon ends his pre-event nerves

Alison's daughter ends her dog phobia

Increased confidence and self belief

Claire ends her fear of flying

Anita smashes through limiting confidence barriers

Natalia describes how hypnotherapy helped her to be happy

Quitting smoking after 30 years

Sports Performance Hypnotherapy

Emotional Eating & Weight Loss

No More Anxiety & Enjoying Life Again

Overcoming Trauma & Anxiety Success

Ending Fear of Swimming in Open Water

Ending Sugar Addiction

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Overcoming Anxiety Success

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Triathlon Sports Improvement

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Quit Smoking Success

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Anxiety Eating Seeds & Nuts Sorted

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