Even if you think you sometimes enjoy it, need it or can't yet imagine being without it, I’m sure that you do want to quit smoking and you are committed to making it happen. And chances are you’ve tried to quit before – maybe with patches, e-cigarettes, tablets or by trying to stick it out with good old willpower.

Yet somehow you haven’t managed to find that all important, lasting breakthrough yet and you find yourself stuck with your smoking habit.

So is it time you took a different approach - one that addresses your smoking habits and associations and gives you back control over your health?

No matter how long you’ve been smoking, or how many you currently smoke, how would it feel to be able to confidently say to yourself and others, ‘I no longer smoke’?

That's where my quit smoking hypnotherapy programme can help you succeed, just as it did for Annie, as she describes in her video here:



Why do you want to quit smoking?

Stop smoking for goodYou may have tried several other methods to quit smoking and found it an unpleasant struggle, as if you are constantly battling with yourself. You may have worries about feeling stressed, putting on weight or suffering overwhelming cravings. You may even wonder whether you can still enjoy being sociable once you quit. Any maybe right now you just lack the belief in yourself that you can do it, even though you really want to leave smoking behind you in the past.

The good news is that all of these things can be successfully addressed.   

And you will have your own motivations for wanting to quit now:

  • It may be to start improving your health so you no longer get out of breath so often and so you don't have to worry about the increased risk of smoking related cancers and illness
  • Maybe you want to be around to be an active part of your family’s future and to enjoy your own life
  • You could be sick of the smell and taste and being controlled by thoughts of when the next fag opportunity will be
  • And you could probably think of a lot of other things you would rather spend your money on (ever worked out how much your habit costs you? You could probably save around £2500+ a year…)

With all these reasons, and many others, in mind, all you need to do now is make the decision that you want to stop smoking and to take the first step to making it happen today.


You don’t have to take my word for it

I know that when we work together my stop smoking hypnotherapy system works because I’ve witnessed the amazing results my clients enjoy.

For example, in this video, Laura describes her experience of hypnotherapy to stop smoking with me:


And you can read what other people have said after stop smoking hypnotherapy here:

How does it work?

My stop smoking hypnotherapy system includes your free initial consultation where we will discuss your smoking habit and the steps we will take together to help you stop smoking. I'll answer any questions you may have so that we can get started on programme and book your main hypnotherapy session date (the day on which you become a non-smoker!).

Check out Alice's story in this video:

The main session itself lasts around two and a half hours and you will receive advice and follow up support afterwards. If required, a further booster session will be held.  

Following my stop smoking hypnotherapy programme, we will work together to tackle all of the aspects of your current smoking habit:

  • Your smoking habits – ending that almost automatic action of reaching over and lighting up
  • Your smoking associations – changing the what, when, where and how of your smoking
  • Being a smoker – we’ll even tackle the very core elements of being a smoker so you’ll know it’s all in the past - just something you used to do that you no longer do anymore. 

You can also get more information about kicking the smoking habit by signing up for my free guide here:

kick the habit Quit smoking

Make it easy for yourself

When you are ready to stop smoking and start enjoying your improved health and the freedom of being back in control, then taking that first step couldn’t be easier.

In fact, I’ve made it completely risk free for you.

Simply call 01353 886158 today and ask to claim your Complimentary Hypnotherapy Strategy Session. No commitment, no strings, no catches.

My free consultations are hugely popular so I can only offer a limited number each month on a first come, first served basis. So to find out more about how you can soon stop smoking give me a call as soon as you can.

You too could soon be enjoying life as a non-smoker, just like Glenn:


Successfully Stop Smoking

My comprehensive stop smoking hypnotherapy programme costs £297 and gives you:

  • Your complete 2.5 hour stop smoking hypnotherapy session. During this session you will tackle all the things that have kept you stuck smoking and end your smoking habit for good.
  • Full details of what to do before and after you quit to maximise your likelihood of success.
  • A powerful stop smoking hypnosis MP3 to re-enforce your freedom from smoking long after the session.
  • Access to all my stop smoking knowledge and skills after the session if you need help and advice.
  • You can come back and repeat the stop smoking session anytime within the following month. Get peace of mind that I want you to succeed in being smoke free as much as you do.

Quitting with someone else? If you and someone else such as your partner or a good friend are supporting each other by quitting at the same time I have a special ‘double deal’ for you – only £495 (saving you £50 each).

Contact Dan on 01353 886158 to book your stop smoking package or pay online here and I’ll be in touch to arrange everything:  

Stop Smoking


Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy Terms:

  • A non refundable deposit of £75 is required at time of booking. The balance is payable at the stop smoking session.
  • Appointments cancelled with less than 24 hours notice will incur the full session fee.
  • Follow up appointments must be booked and attended within four weeks of the stop smoking session.