Cocaine addiction levels seem to be rife according to anecdotal evidence from the increasing number of people who come to see me to end cocaine drug addiction. 

Over recent months I have helped many people to end their cocaine addiction. 

Generally the drug addicition starts as something you feel in control over, maybe just occasionally, maybe with friends and perhaps even enjoyable. Yet over time cocaine addiction starts to creep in more and more. You may find yourself thinking about it more, working out how to get some, giving in to cravings and using more and more.

So how can you take back control over your cocaine addicition and end your drug addiction for good?

Drug Addiction Help

First and foremost I should say that I don't believe that drug addicition is an illness. You don't somehow catch it and it wasn't lying latent inside you even before you started.

It is a habit, a habit that hijacks your brain and your life until it becomes the drug addiction you now want to be free of.

At first you probably felt in control over your cocaine habit. It may have been an occasional thing and you may have enjoyed it with a drink or around friends. You probably felt like you could take it or leave it.

Yet all drugs work on habit and association and hijack the reward pathways in your brain. Over time, you may find yourself doing it in the same sorts of situations and around the same people. It starts to become linked in your brain to those moments and soon automatically you feel that overwhelming desire to engage in your drug addiction.

And the whole time your brain pathways are lighting up like a pinball machine and wanting more and more to satisfy that urge.

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I've helped clients who can't have a drink anymore without engaging in their cocaine addicition, those who try and justify their habit by the thrill of getting some and those who think about it every waking moment as they battle those 'go on, just get some' demons in their minds.

And only when the 'pain' of cocaine addicition becomes too great will you take the much needed steps to break free. Whether that's your partner threatening to leave you, the mounting debt that risks the roof over your head, the impacts on your work and relationships or sheer exhaustion from battling that craving over and over. 

When the desire to stop and the yearning for freedom is strong enough then you can commit to ending your drug addiction once and for all. 

How to Combat Cocaine Addiction

When you are ready to end your cocaine addiction put these steps into action:

1) Be Honest With Yourself 

If you have a cocaine habit, stop kidding yourself that you are in control over it. And don't beat yourself up about where you are now. Just start to be honest with yourself.

Start making a note of when you usually do it, where you are and who you are with. Start to identify the high risk situations and people so you can start to plan how you can do things differently. Also start noticing what thoughts you have both when you really want to do it and when you think about getting some. Know the beast because by knowing the patterns of your cocaine addiction you can start to develop new patterns that will support you being clean.

For example, one person I helped with his cocaine addiction stopped going to the pub after work on Friday because however much he said he wouldn't beforehand, after a few drinks, if he saw a dealer or anything linked to cocaine, his urges would become too overwhelming. Instead, he chose to go straight home and spend time with his partner and children.

Another client started to weaken his drug addicition by taking a different route home after work so he wouldn't drive past the house of the dealer.

By running new patterns, your mind can't tap into old associations as easily.

2) Why End Your Cocaine Addiction?

To end your addiction you need to grow your willpower, determination and motivation. Write down the reasons you no longer want to do it - both the negative reasons, such as impact on loved ones, guilt and cost, and the positive ones about spending more time with loved ones, saving money for the future, being in control and so on.

Review the list each day and keep adding to it. 

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3) Be Active

Spare time, boredom and having nothing to do can be the ideal growing space for unwanted thoughts. Having identified your triggers, actively plan to fill your time. Whether you exercise, spend time with friends (who don't use), enrol the support of loved ones to help to make sure you keep busy. Being physically and mentally active will strengthen your success. 

You also need to:

4) Take Time Out

Overcoming drug addiction may feel exhausting (physically and mentally) so as well as keeping active and busy you also need to give your mind and body time off. Make sure you are getting enough sleep and also take time to relax to quieten your mind and allow your body space to rest. You can use my free hypnosis audio to help you with this. 

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5) Get Professional Help

Trying to end your cocaine addicition can feel like a battle. Dealing with the anxiety, fatigue, restlessness and other withdrawal symptoms can feel exhausting.

That's why I would always recommend getting help from someone who knows about drug addiction. Find a local expert, speak to them before you commit and make sure they do know how to help with addiction.

Help To End Drug Addiction

If you are ready to end your cocaine habit and need professional help to get and keep you on the track to freedom and happiness, then get in touch to book your free initial consultation. Like so many others you could be looking back on that old habit as a dim and distant memory very soon.

To your success,

Dan Regan

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