As a running leader with Ely Runners, and being a keen runner myself, I love helping people improve their sports performance and that feeling of satisfaction they enjoy when they perform to their potential.

Whatever your level and sport, you can learn from the techniques of champions and Olympians so that you get in your best performance zone and enjoy the results of all your practice and training.

Getting in the Zone

Recently I was working with an athlete who would get very nervous on race day. Vast amounts of energy were being wasted just trying to hold the anxiety at bay and all the things that worked so well in training would vanish.

She would perform reasonably well but was left emotionally exhausted by the end of the day and was worried about losing her love of her sport.

Using advanced hypnotherapy techniques, her next competition was very different. As she said herself: “The biggest difference was that I seemed to be in control of my feelings and I felt a definite sense of ownership and control. I was able to stay calm even after the race had to be restarted, and went on to race a superb race, coming first and getting a new PB!”

I also worked with a young footballer who had been taking 10-15 minutes to get into the game when he stepped up to the next level. His nerves about playing at a higher level, as well as larger venues with bigger crowds, overwhelmed him at the start of the match.

Once he had a few specialist sports techniques tailored to his own needs, he was soon able to get into the zone before a ball had even been kicked.

Achieving Peak Performance 

Sports Hypnotherapy can also help you to perform at your peak when it matters. As another client said after working on her sports performance,

I compete at an amateur level in body building and Dan really helped me develop and maintain the focus, determination and motivation to push through my training, especially when the going got tough. I was able to approach my qualifier with the self-belief and confidence to perform at my peak on stage. I would wholeheartedly recommend Dan to anyone who is looking to make a positive change in their life.” Kate

Overcoming Setbacks

Another client had seen his performances drop since being involved in a motor accident in an earlier race. Fearful thoughts of potentially having another accident would pop into his head on race day and he would hold back instead of trusting his instincts.

Yet once he understood how his mind had been trying to keep him safe, it became easy to take back control over his performances and start driving with renewed confidence.

The same was true of a gymnast who was finally able to put a fall off the high beams behind her and move forward with her performances, rediscoving her love of gymnastics.

Boosting Confidence

With all of my clients there is a boost to their confidence in their sports ability and performances. And whatever your chosen sport, and whatever level you are enjoying it at, when the physical training combines with the mind training then special things can happen.

Dan helped me get back in to my running and I had entered myself into a 10k run. Well I did it! I had such an amazing day. My time was better than I had predicted as well. Dan helped me visualize running to that finishing line and boy did I do it in style!! I threw my arms in the air and yelled out "yahoo!" This feeling of achievement will stay with me forever. I am now looking forward to entering myself in another 10k soon. Thank you Dan.” Nicky

Sports Improvement Hypnotherapy

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Why not come along for your very own free consultation to find out how hypnotherapy and coaching could help you improve your sports performance.

Dan Regan

Hypnotherapist & Coach