Are you a very important person?

A lot (if not all) of clients who come to see me to sort their low self-esteem and confidence regard themselves as the least important person in their own life – at work, at home and even when on their own they don’t feel worth it, good enough or that they deserve to feel better.


You are the most important person in your life – without you the show doesn’t get started.

Here are three ways to get started:

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Are you living your life as a sprint?

Today I was talking to a client who has been having trouble managing stress. Every day had become a whirlwind of deadlines, timescales and fire-fighting. By the end of the day she was exhausted and too mentally tied in knots to tackle anything.

Her whole life was being consumed by stress - leaving no mental or physical energy for anything else. And the more stressed she became, the more tired she was yet the worse she slept. Soon, every small task became a massive mountain to struggle against. 

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Is it time you got MORE SPECIFIC?

So many people let one small event cloud their entire day - or even their entire week. Long after the event they may still feel rubbish while everyone else has moved on and is getting on.

So keep this in mind - 

Remember that one bad day doesn’t have to ruin a whole week.

In the same way, one bad morning doesn’t have to ruin a whole day.

And one bad hour doesn’t have to ruin a whole morning.

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As many of you will know, the front door at Ely Complementary Health Centre has been out of use for some time due to essential maintenance and repair work. For many months, only the rear entrance to the building has been in use.

So I'm very pleased to update that work has now been completed, the scaffolding has been removed and the front door is fully operational again. Hooray!

And here's how it looks now:

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in 1996, Matt suffered a panic attack while driving on a motorway in Wales.

After his panic attacks, Matt found himself unable to drive on motorways and dual carriageways because of the high level of panic and anxiety he experienced about driving on these types of road. To avoid motorways, Matt would plan journies using only back roads which took much more time and effort.

Matt came to see me when he was in a position where he really needed to be able to drive calmly on the motorway, just as he had before his panic attack.

in this video, Matt explains how he worked with me to end his driving fear so he could drive on motorways feeling calm and in control:

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Recently I was very pleased to have one of my hypnotherapy success stories featured online in the Huffington Post

The article, by fellow hypnotherapist Steve Miller, referred to how I helped Kate to increase her confidence and end self doubt. You can watch the video where Kate explains how working with me helped her on the video testimonials page.

As Steve put it:

"I was particularly enthused watching a video where Hypnotherapist Dan Regan treated Kate for confidence issues. Seeing her report how she now feels so much more confident was fabulous. Kate laughs as she reports how she still feels hypnosis is some kind of voodoo magic, but how it has made a massive difference to her life."

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When Kate first came to see me she was, by her own admission, in a dark place which had eaten away at her confidence and led to increased self doubt. Despite being skeptical about hypnotherapy, Kate decided to go ahead and discover what may happen.

It's fine for people to be skeptical if they have never been to see me before and experienced the positive benefits - after all, you want to make sure that what I'm doing is making you feel better and getting you results.

In this short video, Kate explains how working with me helped her re-discover her confidence and end that self doubt. She also talks about how she benefits from training both her mind and body to perform better in her body building competitions.

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When Claire came to see me she told me all about how her fear of flying affected her life. She would dread the prospect of flying for weeks beforehand, she would struggle with her fear during the flight itself and would then spend her holidays worried about the upcoming flight back rather than enjoyng herself. Now that she had children, she was worried that they may pick up on her fear and start to learn to have their own fear of flying.

Fear of flying can turn what should be a wonderful holiday into a draining anxiety-ridden ordeal. Even before the flight you may run many scenarios over in your mind of what may happen - and all those 'what if's' only add fuel to your fear. The fear only increases if you catch any stories in the news about things happening to planes.

And all that fear and anxiety is even before the flight itself, where the anxiety levels may rocket as you wait at the airport, only to increase further when you get on the plane, take your seat and await take off.

Many people try using medication or alcohol to numb some of the anxiety, yet often even that isn't enough to stop the fear taking hold. And even if you do force yourself through the flight, there is still the daunting prospect of repeating the whole ordeal on the return flight to contend with.

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The Cambridge News has just featured an article about how I helped Steve Miller finally overcome his 40 year phobia.

Before working with me, Steve had struggled with anything to do with blood and needles. Even saying the word 'blood' or seeing anything with blood on TV would cause him anxiety.  

Steve now tells me that he is completely calm and relaxed about those things that used to cause him such fear.

You can read the article here: pdfCambridge_News_201014_Steve_Miller_end_phobia_with_hypnotherapy.pdf

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Phobias are often funny things aren't they? How is it that the sight of a spider can make a grown person desperate to get out of the room? Or the sound of a dog barking can generate intense panic? Or even,as was the case with one client I worked with, the thought of being somewhere with balloons was enough to make him avoid places.

Logically you know that you are not in physical danger. Yet somehow out of your logical control all that fear kicks in - you may feel faint, sick, sweaty, on edge or any of the other symptoms associated with panic and fear. You may even suffer panic attacks.

And having learnt to experince all that fear and those feelings in relation to your phobia, you'll have soon found how reliable your keeping safe reactions are when in other similar situations.

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