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As the coronavirus pandemic rolls on, and with the ongoing restrictions on life and social interactions that will likely be in place for some time yet, I know that many of you have been struggling with your mental health and well-being.

There may be anxiety, worry and stress from the virus itself, in terms of illness and death, as well as fear around contracting Covid-19 and the potential impacts of that upon your health and the lives of those around you. On top of that, many of you may have employment worries and you could just be struggling without your usual social interactions or from not being able to do the things you usually enjoy doing. I've spoken to many people who describe the anxiety and fatigue from the impacts of the pandemic that have been affecting us all for many months, and that still has a way to go yet.

The latest data from the Office for National Statistics Survey (covering early November 2020) reported that over 70% of adults were very or somewhat worried about the effect of Covid-19 on their life right now, and nearly half of adults reported that their well-being was being affected (e.g, through anxiety and stress) by the coronavirus pandemic. 

Looking after your mental health is more important than ever right now. I've spoken to many people who have told me how helpful and beneficial they have found my hypnosis downloads for their mental health.

At the same time, I want to do all I can to help as many people as possible to find help and support for their own mental health, whether it's depression, anxiety or in some other form. And that's why I'm delighted to let you know that every penny of profit from purchases of my hypnosis downloads during this lockdown will be donated to Talking FreEly.

Talking FreEly are a community project in Ely who have the aim of getting people talking about mental health, raising awareness and breaking down the stigma. Do be sure to check out their great work over on their Facebook page: Talking FreEly

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So why not head over to my hypnosis downloads pages and take a look at the audios available to download right away (and be sure to check out some of the great reviews too!). During this lockdown I've reduced the price of many of them to make supporting your own mental health as easy as possible for you. And, as mentioned above, every penny in profit will go towards the great work of promoting mental health done by Talking FreEly.


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To your mental health,

Dan Regan

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