Lockdown 2 Hypnotherapy Update:

As you'll know, England is about to enter a second coronavirus lockdown that will last until Wednesday 2nd December.

During the lockdown (from Thursday 5th November) I will only be able to offer online appointments (via Skype or Zoom) rather than my usual face to face appointments for hypnotherapy in Ely & Newmarket.  However, fingers crossed that four weeks will be enough and very soon I'll be back behind my desk in my office. I'm already taking bookings into December so contact me now to book your appointment.

I don't think anyone (certainly not small business owners!) want a lockdown but if it saves lives and means the NHS can cope this winter then, rather than argue over something that can't be changed anyway, we can all be proactive in taking care of ourselves and each other. During the last lockdown there were many wonderful acts of kindness within the community and I hope that spirit continues and grows.  

There are many, many things that we can all do to support our physical health and mental health. I wrote about many of these things last time around so do check out those articles. I'll be adding more help soon too.

During the last lockdown I know many people found my hypnosis downloads a great support for their mental health and well-being, so do check those out if you need help and support. 


lockdown two hypnotherapy update


Please do look after yourself over the next few weeks and remember online hypnotherapy appointments are still avaiilable to help you, and in just a few short weeks I'll be back with my usual hypnotherapy sessions in Ely and Newmarket. 

Until we meet, please do keep safe and do look after both your physical well-being and mental health.

Best wishes



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