Stop Overthinking It

Do you have a habit of overthinking things? Whether it's anxiety, stress or worry related, or you struggle to switch off from thinking and thinking, overthinking can be a real pain. It can stop you getting on with things and enjoying things, it can make you anxious and frustrated and it can leave  you wide awake at night when you'd rather be relaxing into a deep sleep.

In the last of the videos I recorded down in the New Forest, I decided to talk a bit about overthinking and why you should emulate a horse and just be happy with having loved ones around you, enough to eat and being in a safe place. As you'll see, unfortunatley the horses (who up to that point and the entire week had not got up to much) decided to show-boat and totally freaked me out! This was totally unexpected (especially as I wasn't looking) and totally threw me for a bit! But anyway, stop overthinking! 

Click on the image and have a watch here (make sure you have the sound on loud enough to hear the loudest ever horse 'neigh' when it suddenly all kicks off!):


Stop overthinking hypnotherapy in ely


Instead of overthinking and being self critical, start reminding yourself that you are doing ok. As long as you have the basics of food, shelter and people around you who want the best for you, then you can and should feel safe, secure and comfortable in yourself and in your life. There are always things we can all get better at, it's natural to want to push forward and to do better, yet always keep in mind that right now, even without those things, you are ok, you are good enough and you can succeed in whatever you put your time, effort and energy into.

So make like a horse and enjoy the basics, feel comfortable in your skin and be happy in your life (but don't be that loud horse who kicks his mate when the camera isn't looking!).


To your happiness,

Dan Regan

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