Top 10 Blogs of 2018 from Dan Regan Hypnotherapy:

As another year starts to draw to a close I always like to take a quick look back on some of the highlights and successes over the last 12 months.

This year I've once again been able to help many scores of people to overcome their anxiety, worry and fear, as well as making many, many other positive changes. You can read the feedback of some of my clients this year in the What People Say section of this website. I've also been able to revamp my hypnosis download shop and expand the number of titles and I've received a ton of good feedback from people benefitting from these audios.

And over the course of the year I've written over eighty articles about subjects such as improving your mental health, extinguishing anxiety and ways to interrupt negative thinking and overthinking. Thank you for reading them!

In this article I've sifted through the stats and have the top ten most read blogs of 2018 for you to read and enjoy (for those of us old enough to remember the Top of the Pops chart countdown, I can't help but have the music they used in my head as I write this!).  

My Top Ten Hypnotherapy Blogs

So without further a do, here we have the top ten most read hypnotherapy blogs of mine from over the course of this year.

10...Motivation and results - Come rain or shine!

9...Health Anxiety Help

8...Mental Health & Pets - How Pets Can Benefit Your Mental Health

7...Latest hypnotherapy testimonials - overcoming anxiety, worry and panic

6...Exercise & Mental Health - Depression, Stress & Memory

5...How hypnotherapy can help you ease symptoms of anxiety

4...My latest vlog - Mental Health & Pets (featuring Nibbles the Rabbit!)

hypnotherapy blogs dan regan hypnotherapy ely

And into the top three most read hypnotherapy blogs of mine in 2018....

At 3...Interrupt Negative Thoughts in 3...2..1.. - Anxiety Help

At 2...And Now...For Something To Tackle Overthinking & Negative Thoughts

And the most read article from this year is... Rock-tastic Mindfulness! Why I'm Loving The Current Ely Rocks Mania! 

Ahhh I really do miss the early months of 2018 when rock hunting was a fantastic thing here in Ely. Many a happy hour on a Sunday was spent through those winter months finding and hiding those rocks.

(You can have a look at the top ten from 2017 too; again some valuable articles in that list as well: The Top 10 Blogs of 2017).

I hope that you have enjoyed visiting these blogs today (or re-visiting them); there will be plenty more on the way in 2019 (as well as finding all of my hypnotherapy blogs on these pages, you can also find all my hypnotherapy vlogs on this page; Dan's hypnotherapy vlogs)

To your happiness and success,

Dan Regan

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