Hypnosis Downloads - New Titles, New Shop...

Earlier this week I headed back into the recording studio to record a couple of new hypnosis downloads. As much as people keep asking me to record new hypnosis tracks, finding the time to research, prepare and then record them has proven to be a bit of a challenge in recent months due to the high volume of people I've been helping in Ely and Newmarket and over Skype/Facetime.

i always get great feedback on my hypnosis downloads, which I currently have for such issues as anxiety relief, stress relief, letting go of worry and boosting self-confidence.

I'm very pleased to now add two new titles to the collection and am making a commitment to get back in the studio much more regularly this year to expand my offerings.

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 The two new titles are:

1) Hypnotic Mindfulness To Calm The Mind. This track combines the benefits of both mindfulness and hypnosis to help you to establish a greater focus on calming the mind and being in the present moment, rather than going over things that can’t be changed from the past or anticipating a negative future that may never happen (find out more here: Hypnotic Mindfulness). 

2) Exam Stress and Anxiety Relief. I work with lots of students who find that the pressure of performing well in their exams impacts on their mental health and wellbeing and can hinder them performing to the best of their ability. If you are facing exams, this audio will help you to develop a robust and powerful sense of calmness and confidence that you will take into your exams. Being more calm, confident and in control about your exams means you will be able to perform to the best of your ability in the exam room (find out more here: Exam Stress Relief).

I've never seen a more chilled out sound engineer than my guy once we had recorded these tracks!

Linked to this I'm busy creating a new online shop which will make it easy for you to grab the hypnosis downloads that you will benefit from most. It'll be live in the next week or so. And because I want to help as many of you as possible to overcome anxiety and stress and to achieve your goals, I'm going to massively drop the price of each audio at the time of launch so be sure to take advantage of that very soon (POST BLOG NOTE: the hypnosis download area is now live - check it out here: Dan's Hypnosis Downloads). 

To your success and happiness

Dan Regan

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