Hypnotherapy in Newmarket - New Location!

From 1st August 2017, I will be working from a new office location with my hypnotherapy in Newmarket clients (my Ely office is staying where it is though!). The new location is in a much more pleasant environment, has client parking available and is a much more user-friendly building.

My new Newmarket address is:

White Tara Complementary Health Centre

32 Dellor's Yard

Mill Hill


Suffolk CB8 0JB

So after many years on All Saints Road it's time for an exciting new chapter for Newmarket Hypnotherapy. I'm going to miss looking out on to the wonderful All Saint's Church - I've worked with so many wonderful clients to this backdrop!  

hypnotherapy in newmarket mill hill

And I'm looking forward to helping so many more in the comfortable surroundings of Mill Hill!

Here are a few early shots of the new location to help you find your way - I'll add some more once all the signage etc is updated (and hopefully on a sunnier UK summer's day!):

hypnosis in newmarket view from mill hill 

The view looking out onto the main road from in front of the new location.


entrance to hypnotherapy newmarket office

The turning to the new location is directly opposite this mighty tree!


dan regan newmarket hypnotherapy

 A gratuitous selfie on me standing at the top of the lane! The Clinic is right down the bottom (behind the metal gate)


turning into newmarket hypnotherapy

Look for this huge tree and the old 'British Red Cross' sign and/or the building on the corner. 


newmarket hypnotherapy mill hill location

 The new location for White Tara Complementary Health Centre, Mill Hill, Newmarket

As mentioned, I'll add more details and photos once everything is fully up and running (and fingers crossed when the sun is shining on us). 

Looking forward to seeing all of my Newmarket clients there sometime soon!

To your success,


Hypnotherapy in Ely & Newmarket