Hypnosis and Control - Who's In Control Really?

One of the issues that tends to come up time and time again in any discussion around hypnosis, is that of control. Perhaps due to movies featuring hypnosis or some of those old stage routines, there's an ongoing misconception that hypnosis involves you being controlled in some way.

And when it gets mentioned to me I can't help but have a wry smile, because why would I spend so many hours helping people with mental health issues like anxiety if I could make you all do my evil bidding (cue evil laughter!!). And I'd definitely also get myself a cape and some spinning hypnotic eyes like that snake in the Jungle book too.

But seriously, hypnosis has nothing to do with being under my control or being controlled in some way. In fact, it's very far from that.

It's all about helping you to learn how to be in control of your own mind.

When you come to see me for help you are already not in control over some aspect of your life. If you were in control then you'd have already done something about those negative or anxious thoughts, those unwanted feelings, those habits and behaviours that you want to stop yet somehow can't, the rumination, the self-criticism and all the other thoughts, feelings, actions and reactions that you currently feel stuck with.

Hypnotherapy is a way that I can help you to deal with, cope with, overcome and change those patterns and habits of anxiety or doubt or negativity in ways that help you feel calmer, more confident and happier. And, perhaps most importantly, rather than feeling out of control like you may right now, you learn how to be in control over your thinking and how you feel.

Rather than being controlled by a hypnotist, you learn how to be in control of yourself, something I talk about in this video of mine (click on the image to have a watch): 

 hypnosis and control hypnotherapy ely newmarket


Hypnotherapy is about helping you to take back control. Rather than being a passive player in your therapeutic journey of feeling better, you need to be actively involved. Hypnosis is about engaging your thoughts, feelings, beliefs, imagination, motivations, expectations and other psychological processes towards your goals, whether that's overcoming anxiety, managing stress, ending a fear, increasing confidence and self-esteem or something else that matters to you.

If you want to take back control over your thoughts, feelings and behaviours in some aspect of your life, then do get in touch and let's work together to help you feel better.

To your happiness,

Dan Regan

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