Anxiety in the workplace - More Action Needed!

Over two years ago I was published in the Ely Standard newspaper calling for more action to be taken to be taken to combat anxiety and stress in the workplace ('Ely hypnotherapy expert calls for more effective action on stress and anxiety levels').

Sadly, a new survey published by mental health charity, Mind, suggests that poor mental health affects about half of all employees. Their survey of 44,000 employees revealed that poor mental health at work is widespread and only half of those who had experienced problems with anxiety, stress and low mood had talked to their employer about it. 

I remember when I struggled with anxiety in the workplace. When it was bad it would impact on my performance and there were times I was too anxious to even go to work. Back then, mental health was much less understood and recognised so there was no way on this planet I would ever have discussed it with my employer. Indeed, I was certain back then that it would have a detrimental impact on my career and I was very aware of cases of colleagues off work with anxiety or depression and how it quickly became common office news.

I really would like to hope that times have changed with mental health having been elevated as an issue that can affect anyone and with more understanding about it than ever.

This latest survey suggests that employers need to work even harder to create a culture and environment where it is ok to talk about mental health and where support is easily, and confidentially, available.

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As you may expect, I help huge numbers of people to overcome anxiety and improve their wellbeing. Many have supportive employers who work with them and offer support and understanding. Yet there are still some workplaces where mental health is stigmatized and where employees suffer in silence.

If you are struggling with anxiety in the workplace, or other mental health issues, the best place to start is often to talk to someone you trust. That may initially be someone outside of your workplace or it may just as readily be a workplace colleague. Having someone trustworthy to talk to about what you are experiencing can often be a great aid. If your manager or workplace is supportive and has support available to you then you can decide how to access and approach these resources.

Even if, like with my past experiences, your anxiety is being created by something or someone at work, you can start to take actions outside work to improve your wellbeing. This could be anything from simple relaxation to exercise to doing something you enjoy. Anxiety can easily flow into all of our waking hours and thoughts so taking action outside work can definitely help.

There are also many techniques and strategies you can learn and employ to reduce and limit anxious symptoms when you are at work. Many people benefit from breathing exercises, self-hypnosis, mindfulness and other therapeutic techniques (and if you are working with a therapist they should be teaching you practical coping skills you can use).

And perhaps the key thing is to do something rather than suffer in silence. That may be some of the things suggested above or seeking the help of a professional therapist. 

You do not have to suffer alone; there is help and support out there for you.

To your success

Dan Regan

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