Overcoming Anxiety - Two More Success Stories:

It's been another hot, hot, hot weekend here. On Saturday I headed to bootcamp for 8am when it was already twenty degrees or more. Still, always worth getting up and out early on a Saturday for a tyre routine, forget all the other stuff, a tyre routine is still my favourite!

Because of the heat we headed into the forest to try and seek out some shade rather than scorching in the sunshine. It's always good to head out into nature and to have a bit of adventure with the girls...although I could have done without the bugs who bit my arm so that it swelled to about twice its normal size by Sunday. Curse you nature!!

Now believe or not, when I battled anxiety, going to new places was a bit of a thing for me. There was always a worry about what might happen when I was there and what if something went wrong. I used to get tense and agitated just leaving the house sometimes. 

I'm sure I'll have mentioned before how, because I've been there with anxiety, I really love helping others to overcome it. There are few things as satisfying as helping someone go from a state of anxiety, dread and fear to a position where they are able to do things they want to do and to enjoy life.

Recently a couple of clients who had my help to deal with their anxiety kindly agreed to record video testimonials to share their stories in the hope that others will also take positive action to overcome their anxiety.

And here we all are, all smiles before the mosquitos took me out...!!

overcoming Anxiety reviews dan regan hypnotherapy

Overcoming Anxiety 

In this hypnotherapy review video, Lauren describes how her sessions helped her to take back control and manage her anxiety more effectively (click on image):

anxiety management hypnotherapy testimonial dan regan hypnotherapy (Click on the image to play the video or watch it on You Tube)

If you want to read what Lauren said about her anxiety hypnotherapy success then you can find the transcript here: Overcoming Anxiety

And in this anxiety hypnotherapy review, Kieran describes how his sessions helped him to overcome him anxiety so he could think with more clarity and start enjoying doing things again (click on this image):

overcoming anxiety hypnotherapy dan regan hypnotherapy ely (Click on the image to watch the video or watch it on You Tube)

You can read the transcript of Kieran's testimonial video on this page if you prefer to read instead of watch: Anxiety Hypnotherapy Success 

I'm sure you'll agree that those are two wonderful and inspiring stories right there. Naturally I'm delighted to be able to add them to the ever growing number of people who I've worked with to help them achieve their goals (a fraction of whom appear in the What People Say pages of this website).

Right now, I'm off to apply yet more cream to my mosquito bites in the hope that sometime soon the swelling and soreness will recede! Never again will I go out without my insect repellent!!

Until we speak next,

Dan Regan

Hypnotherapy Ely & Newmarket

P.S. If you are seeking help to overcome your anxiety then you can contact me right now to arrange your free initial consultation