New Hypnosis Audios available very soon!

I'm often getting asked when I will be adding to the hypnosis tracks I have available in my online hypnosis shop, particualarly by those who have listened to and benefited from my current offerings and now want some additional and fresh content to listen to.

So I'm delighted to confirm that I will have two new products available later this month. 

The feedback from those who have trialled them has been awesome so I can't wait to share them with you and many others.

So in addition to my existing anxiety and confidence hypnosis audios, I'm adding 'Worry No More' and 'Instant Stress Relief'. Each will also come with an addiitonal hypnosis track titled 'Creating Calm'.

And, in response to feedback, each audio has an alternate version where you can extend the session by letting the music play on and enjoying the benefits of mental calmness and physical relaxation for a longer period if you wish.

Worry No More


I've created Worry No More to help you to get rid of your unnecessary emotional and psychological worry, tension and fears so you can develop a calm perspective to allow you the ability to deal with and cope with things more easily. There's no doubt that feeling and being mentally calmer and physically more relaxed helps you to think more clearly, enjoy a sense of ease and wellbeing and break free from overthinking.  

And enjoying that calmer mindset will naturally enhance your energy levels, sense of wellbeing and your enthusiasm and motivation for life. Doesn't that sound like something you'd benefit from? 

Instant Stress Relief 


If you feel weighted down with stress then this audio is for you. Whether that stress is from work, relationships or another area of your life, this audio will help you to think more clearly, access your inner strength and capability and handle whatever challenges are thrown your way. Wouldn't it be nice to deal with things in a more pleasing way? Once you melt those feelings, thoughts and symptoms of unwanted stress, you can become more and more calm in a way that means you have the ability to deal with, and cope with, each and every aspect of your life. 

There's More 

And remember I also have my highly praised Anxiety No More and Super Charge Self Confidence hypnosis audios available for you, as well as my very popular (and free!) Rapid Relaxation Hypnosis Audio.

I can't wait to receive your positive feedback on these audios!

To your happiness,

Dan Regan

Hypnotherapy Ely, Newmarket, Online