Stressed out? Stress could be harming your health:

Are you totally stressed out? Are your frazzled and exhausted from all the demands that are pushed upon you? Perhaps it has been impacting on your wellbeing, sleep and energy levels.

In fact, stress can leave you feeling so on edge that you can't think clearly to make decisions and spend your time rushing from one thing to another, trying to balance all those spinning plates and hoping none of them fall and smash (because that would create even more to do).

And whilst we've always known that stress has huge mental and physical impacts, a new piece of research has shown that constant emotional stress is linked to an increased risk of heart attacks and other cardiovascular conditions.

The Impact of Stress

The study, by reasearchers at Havard Medical School, found that ongoing stress is linked to an increased risk of heart attacks, strokes and other heart conditions. 

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You can read more about the research on the BBC website or in The Lancet.

This means that there has never been a more important time to take action to deal with your stress levels than right now (in fact I'd suggest you download my Rapid Relaxation audio right now).

And there are many other actions you can start taking today that could have a massive positive benefit on your heart, health and wellbeing.

Reduce Stress Levels 

If stress is having a huge detrimental impact on you right now then it's time to take action to start reversing that process. You can become the calmer, stronger you and regain a sense of clarity as you handle whatever comes your way.

The number one thing you should do is get my awesome free audio and make time every day to listen to it - investing in your wellbeing will have huge positive benefits and, like many others who use it regularly, you'll probably find you have more energy, feel better in yourself and actually become more productive as a result.

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I'd then suggest that you take a look at this article and consistently apply the five actions to help reduce stress levels:

Stress Symptoms and How To Relieve Stress

You may also want to benefit from the suggestions in this article too: How To Calm Anxious Thoughts

Or if you really want to address your stress issues then get in touch and we can arrange a complimentary initial consultation to discuss the best strategy to help you feel better quickly and effectively.

To the calmer you,

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