Do you find that some people seem to be able to make you feel anxious or nervous? 

The more you have that anxiety, the more it seems to fire off even when you logically know there is no need. 

Recently a client told me about someone at his work who drove him up the wall – just the sound of his colleague’s voice would automatically make him tense up and feel anxious and on edge. And any interactions with that person would bug him for hours after and often long into the night.

When he came to see me he was sick of feeling out of control of his own thoughts and feelings.

Here’s what he did and you can too if you want to successfully break that cycle.

1) Whenever you think of the person, notice how you picture them in your mind – take that image and move it into the distance. Make it smaller and darker. Make it black and white. Keep shrinking it away into the distance until the thought of the person doesn’t bother you anymore.

2) As you think of or listen to the person’s voice, in your mind change it into the tone of Mickey Mouse! It’s pretty hard to get wound up with Mickey, whatever he might be saying to you!

stop others controlling you hypnotherapy in ely 

My client described the changes as amazing. Use them and take back control over your own emotions and reactions.

Dan Regan

Hypnotherapy in Ely & Newmarket