Confidence, Self-Esteem and Sports Performance - Hypnotherapy Testimonial:

Recently I write a blog all about the evidence supporting the use hypnosis for sports performance and improvement (read it here: Hypnosis For Sports Performance - Research and Evidence).

The other Sunday, several of my clients were busy taking part in the Cambridge Half Marathon, while at the same time I was just happy to get out for a 5k run around Ely as I continue my running comeback after injury. There is nothing quite like the feeling after a good run or other form of exercise; you feel better physically and mentally (and, of course, exercise is so good for your mental health. For more on this have a look here: Ely Festive 5k 2019 and Why You Should Get Running For Your Mental Health).

And recently one of my clients popped into the office and very kindly recorded a video hypnotherapy testimonial about how her sessions not only helped with confidence and self-esteem, but also how they helped with her sports performance. Have a watch!

Sports Performance Hypnotherapy Testimonial 

A huge thanks to Louisa for this awesome hypnotherapy review video that covers how her sessions helped her with confidence and self-esteem as well as her running sports performance. Click on the image and have a listen to what she had to say: 

confidence selfesteem sports performance hypnotherapy ely

Awesome stuff! Who doesn't want to feel better in themselves, happier and fitter too?

And if you haven't yet checked them out yet, there are plenty of other video and written reviews over on these pages: Hypnotherapy Reviews

To your success,

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