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As I write this I can already feel my legs starting to seize up a bit from this morning's 6.30am bootcamp. As much as I love the feeling after I've completed it (because it's so blinking intensely tough!), sometimes during it I have to dig deep to stay focused and in the right mental space to keep going.

Anyone who takes part in a sport knows that their mind-set is just as important, and often more so, than their physical state. If you want to be able to focus, keep good technique, push through the burn and get the job done. Then there are times when you've really got to be in control of your inner dialogue. If you aren't in control of your mind-set then it's easy to give up or to think you can't do it or to let any other amount of negative mind chatter take over. We've all been there and the more fatigued you get, the more that little negative voice can start to pipe up.

It's something that, along with physical strength, I continually try and work upon in my own exercise, and it's something that I often help others with in sessions. Developing your sports psychology capability can have huge beneficial impacts on your sports performance and getting the most out of yourself when you want or need to.

The other day, Ashley popped into the office to record a short video testimonial about how his sports psychology sessions had helped him with his most recent Ironman triathlon performance. You can check out what he said about his sessions below.

 And here I am, putting in some serious mental focus at bootcamp recently: 

sports psychology hypnotherapy ely


Although you've got to enjoy it too, haven't you?!

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Sports Psychology Helps Ironman Ashley

For those who don't know what an Ironman triathlon is, basically it involves swimming 2.4 miles, cycling 112 miles and then finishing with a 26.2 mile run. Certainly it's a challenge both physically and mentally to reach the finish line. 

There's a lot to think about during the triathlon in terms of technique, pacing and planning ahead for the next transition. And there's definitely a lot of time during both training and the event to have those little negative niggling thoughts eating at you mentally. Those fears and worries may be about a specific part of the race, such as swimming in the sea if this is a first, or being able to cope with the mass of other competitors. There may be thoughts about managing the transition easily onto the bike and even to be able to find your bike amongst everyone else's and, particularly as mental fatigue comes into play, there can be lots of thoughts about getting to the finish line and physical niggles and so on. Any triathlon really is a feat of mental and physical endurance and capability.

As he describes in his video, Ashley came to see me because, having previously competed in one Ironman, he wanted to be better, slicker, quicker and faster into the swim. He also wanted to take back control over those little niggling thoughts about things going wrong. 

Here's what he said about his sports psychology sessions (click on the image to play the video): 

triathlon sports performance sports psychology hypnotherapy testimonial

Awesome stuff there! I've manged to drag myself around a few marathons in the past and know how tough they can be just on their own, so I hugely admire anyone who can take that to another level in a triathlon, and particularly an Ironman triathlon.

Ask anyone at any level who takes part in a sport about how important the mental aspect and mindset are and they will tell you it's vital. Yet so many people only focus on doing the physical training and don't invest time in developing the psychological aspects. As Ashley's video and many others I have on this website show, there is plenty that can be achieved to boost your sports psychology mind-set and which are likely to help in turn to boost sports performance.

To your success

Dan Regan

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