Sports Hypnosis and Hypnosis For Running:

Sports hypnosis can help you maximise your performance and get in the mental zone for peak performance.

After all, it doesnt matter how well you have trained and practiced if, when you need it in competition, your anxiety, low confidence and lack of focus stop you delivering. Or it may be that you need to rediscover your love of the sport and get the motivation, commitment and determination to perform.

And having recently completed my thirteenth marathon, it was clear to me how important this mental aspect is, meaning sports hypnosis can be the difference between success or something less.

Hypnosis For Running

Last weekend I took part in my thirteenth marathon. Having struggled with a few injury problems over the last year, I knew that it was going to take the power of my mind and some sports hypnosis to get me to the finish line.

And here I am a couple of minutes after finishing:

sports hypnosis hypnosis for running hypnotherapy in ely Finishing the Kent RoadRunner Marathon 2016

As well as using sports improvement techniques for my own running, I've also helped footballers (watch Laura's video), bodybuilders (watch Kate's video), athletes, shooters, horse riders and many other sportspeople to improve their performance and mindset.

Sports Hypnosis

If you want to enjoy performing to your potential in your sport and having the mindset you need then sports hypnosis can:

  • Help you get the confidence you need to perform in training and on the day
  • Have the self belief that you can succeed
  • Have the motivation to train hard and stay focussed on plan with your training
  • Deal with the mind chatter so you feel stronger and more in control
  • Set and achieve your sporting goals and enjoy the results!

During my marathon I used many of these techniques which I sshare with my clients including,

  • Creating a clear, compelling end goal and feeling confident to succeed in achieving it
  • Maximising mental strength so that I knew I could deal with any challenges I faced during the marathon
  • Getting in the zone at the start line so I felt at ease and wasn't wasting energy on nerves
  • Controlling self talk during the race so I felt positive and focussed (very useful as, trust me, after mile 20 that voice in your head can be very compelling when it starts to wander to negative, unhelpful thoughts)

Hypnosis for Running For Charity

In a couple of months I'm going to be putting all my mental and physical training to the test by completing a 40 mile ultramarathon. 

macmillan cancer support

I'm raising funds for MacMillan Cancer Relief as they were so helpful and supportive before my Dad died from cancer. If you can spare a couple of pounds to help this great charity then both I and they would be hugely appreciative. Thank you. 

My Just Giving page if you can help is:

Hypnosis For Sports

If you want to make the best of your physical and skills training by getting your mind in the right place to thrive then get in touch and ask to book your free consultation. 

To your success

Dan Regan

Sports Hypnosis in Ely & Newmarket