Self-Esteem: You Gotta Sing Your Own Special Song:

Recently I've been working with a lot of people who are seeking to boost their self-esteem because they believe they aren't good enough or worthy in some way. And of course, whenever they learned this or adopted this, it now affects their sense of self-worth, their belief in themselves and their perceptions of how others will view them and judge them. 

And like all patterns we run, the more you consciously or nonconsciously act, react and think in this way, the more habitual and automatic it can start to feel.

The Cambridge Dictionary describes self-esteem as "belief and confidence in your own ability and value." It encompasses how you perceive yourself, whether you feel comfortable in your own skin, whether you have a sense of positive love, acceptance and regard for yourself and whether you trust in your ability to make decisions, to take action and to handle whatever comes your way in your life. It's that sense of capability that you can achieve what you set out to achieve and can feel happy and proud of your achievements.

Sometimes we can pick up self-critical ways of communicating with ourselves from key people in our life, whether that was at an early age or in later relationships and friendships. It's not uncommon for people to internally criticise and put themselves down when their self-esteem is at rock bottom.

And of course it can make you anxious and worried about the future and whether you can, will or deserve to succeed and be in happy in your career, relationships, friendships, health and many other facets of life.

But here's the thing: just because you've felt that way up until now doesn't mean that you have to continue down that path forevermore. We are all constantly changing and adapting and we all have the ability to change our self-image and self-perception and enjoy a brighter future. Sometime we just need a little help to work out how we can do that.

After all, you are unique. No-one else can do a better job of being you. You can and should celebrate that, even if others don't agree.

Incidentally, one of my latest hypnosis downloads is all about boosting self-esteem and learning to feel comfortable in your own skin and to enjoy being you. You can and should learn how to talk to yourself in the same way you would take to someone you love and want the best for. You can and should celebrate your uniqueness, the very essence of who and how you are. 

In fact, as Mama Cass sang (and now copied by Paloma Faith), "nobody can tell you, there's only one song worth singing" because,

"You gotta make your own kind of music, sing your own special song

Make your own kind of music

Even if nobody else sings along."

(Make Your Own Kind of Music - a great, inspiring song)

So forget what others may think, forget what has happened or might happen and get out there and create your own story, and sing your own special song.

Go and make your own kind of music!

Dan Regan

Hypnotherapy in Ely and Newmarket

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