I love helping people increase their confidence and self esteem with hypnotherapy in Ely.

Having known what it is like to live with low confidence and self esteem, it is a wonderful thing to help someone let go of that burden and move on to living their lives doing what they want to do.

In this article, I'll be sharing some constructive actions you can immediately start taking to strengthen your confidence from today. I've also included a video testimonial from Marc who put these actions into place and is now more confident and happier in presentations, video conferences and in many other areas.

How Marc increased his confidence with hypnotherapy in Ely

People I help can struggle with confidence in many areas of their life, from speaking to someone on the phone to delivering presentations, and pretty much any area in between. You may have fears around social situations, worry about what other people think, have a fear of failure or even a fear of success.

However your low condience and low self esteem impact upon you, it can cause you worry, stress and frustration, as well as burning up time and energy you would rather be spending doing what you want to do.

I've given you some practical confidence boosting steps below, but first have a watch of this video where Marc explains how confidence hypnotherapy in Ely enabled him to strengthen his self belief in presentations, video conferences and phone conferences.

Or watch on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G38pr8PGRUw

How To Increase Your Self-Confidence

Now that you've heard Marc's story about how you can improve your confidence, start putting these practical steps into place and let your self belief rapidly soar to a higher level:

1) Be Body Confident

I don't mean you have to go to the gym evey day until your body is pure muscle and 1% body fat - although exercising and getting in shape do help. 

What I particularly mean is to that you should walk and stand tall, look up and move as if a thread is pulling you from your centre. People who lack confidence tend to slump along, looking down and avoiding the world so use your body in a confident way and your thoughts will follow suit.

2) Watch Your Self Talk

Sometimes your biggest critic is the one in your own head who constantly reminds you that you aren't good enough, that you aren't worthy or that it will never work for you. Yet sometimes we don't even notice that inner critic who pushes us down and keeps us stuck.

You shouldn't put up with that talk from someone else and nor should you dish it out to yourself.

So your mind is trying to look out for you, telling you to not go and do that because if it goes pear-shaped you'll feel bad, yet there are many ways to make progress and feel secure in the knowledge that whatever happens, you'll be ok.

So switch that inner voice to the one that you use when you feel secure, confident and comfortable. Remind yourself that you can move forwards, step by step, each day, and even as you reaffirm your growing confidnece, be sure to congratulate yourself on getting out there and doing it. Which leads to...

3) Recognise Progress

Low confidence robs you of feeling worthy of progress and success. It ignores your strengths and achievements and instead highlights your perceived failures and mind reads that everyone thinks you are an idiot.

Yet things are rarely either perfect successes or complete failures. Usually they are somewhere in between. So learn to see the shades of grey and, after you move outside your comfort zone or do something brave, ask yourself what went well, what could have gone better and how you can make it that much better next time.

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4) Learn to Relax

if you feel anxious, worried and tense then you aren't going to be at your best and you aren't going to naturally be the best you (that you who dances and sings around the house when no one else is home...that isn't just me, right?!).

So to be the real you, like you are when you are with people you feel comfortable around, practice controlling your breathing. Making your out breath a little longer than your in breath will quickly help you relax more, and if you practice it you'll even be able to do it effortlessly when you are around others.

In addition, it's always valuable to find some time to relax and give your mind and body some TLC so be sure to download my free audio and give yourself some calmness. 

5) Programme your mind for confidence

If you struggle with low confidence and self esteem then there may be many things that you dread, feel anxious about or that you couldn't even imagine doing. And all that worry either means you go into that situation feleing tense and uncomfortable or you may just make your excuses and avoid it altogether.

To reprogramme your mind for confidence and self belief, relax yourself (maybe by using your breathing or the Rapid Relaxation audio) and then imagine watching yourself going into situations, through your day and being around others looking confident, self assured and calm. The more you relax and focus on what you do want, the more you are priming your mind to relax naturally when you are in that situation for real.

To make this even easier and more powerful you may want to grab a coppy of my Confidence Hypnosis audio (and use it regualrly as Marc did).

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Need help to Super Charge your Confidence?

If you have any questions about how to increase self confidence then let me know. Or if you would like to invest in yourself with hypnotherapy in Ely, Newmarket or by Skype then contact me today to arrange your free consultation.

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