Recently I helped someone who had smoked heavily for 54 years to easily stop smoking successfully.

And of course I've also helped many other people who have smoked for a few years, dozens of years or many decades to quit smoking for good.

In effect, they all went from being a smoker when they walked in the room, to being someone who used to smoke and no longer does when they left their session.

The reason my stop smoking programme works so effectively (as long as you want to quit smoking) is that it addresses all the key aspects of smoking.

The Pillars of Stopping Smoking

To successfully stop smoking you need to make sure you address all three main pillars of your smoking habit:

1) The habit of smoking

Once you've done something enough times, just like driving a car or tying your shoelaces, you can do it on auto-pilot. You don't need to think too hard about reaching for the packet, taking a cigarette and smoking it. You can be doing something else, talking to someone else or thinking of a hundred other things whilst you puff away.

And just like anything you've done hundreds or thousands of times in the same way, it's difficult to just decide to stop and change it to doing it a different way. 

That's why you need to have a method which interrupts that pattern and sends it off in a new, healthy, non-smoking direction.

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2) The patterns of smoking

We are all creatures of association - and this is especially true of smokers. You may smoke in the same places, hold it in the same hand, smoke with the same people or smoke when you are stressed, bored or as a reward. Your brain links these things together so if, for example, every day for many years you walked into your kitchen and lit up, you would soon develop an automatic desire to smoke when you walk in that room.

So to succesfully stop smoking you need to break up those patterns.

3) The impact of smoking

Smoking is essentially an external means to change how we feel - so, for example, you may smoke when you are stressed to calm down or when bored to lift you up a bit. 

Now often when people quit smoking (or as a reason not to try and stop smoking) people turn to food as another form of external thing to change how they feel. They eat to feel better and put on weight (and may even start smoking again).

Once you have the ways to be in control you won't need anything else. You put yourself back in control. And you get to be healthier too.

Stopping Smoking

Once you have decided that you want to quit, and you want to do it now, you must address all three of these pillars for success.

And as my recent client put it:

"After 54 years of being a very heavy smoker, I am now a non smoker thanks to Dan. I highly recommend Dan. If you think it can't be done, well yes it can, thank you Dan." R Atherton, Haverhill, Suffolk.

To your health and happiness,

Dan Regan

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