Whenever someone is looking for help with weight loss you can tick many, or even all, of these off their list:

  • You've tried and failed with several diets and dieting clubs
  • You use food as emotional support when tired, stressed, bored etc
  • You feel out of control with your weight with little control over eating
  • You're fed up of being unhappy, avoiding mirrors and being unable to wear those nice clothes

And there may be a few more habits, behaviours and cravings going on.

All of these combine to just leave you feeling out of control, unhealthy, fat and miserable.

Take Control of Weight Loss

Whenever I help someone to achieve thier weight loss success the key thing we put in place together is CONTROL.

Control over food (ending cravings, bingeing and banning foods from your house).

Control over your health (by being thinner and healthier and making those choices).

Control over your happiness (because you can go out, wear those clothes, feel confident and feel good in yourself).

Because all weight loss starts and succeeds in the mind.

Sure: we put in place healthy habits and behaviours and the other foundations of being thinner, healthier and happier; but without the mindset you'll keep yo-yoing forever more (until you give up the chase).

Healthy Weight Loss Mindset

Once you have your own thinner, healthier, happier mindset, many things become possible that may now seem out of reach.

For example, I received this feedback recently:

"I must have tried every diet and slimming club going over the years. I would lose a little bit of weight, then the same old habits and cravings took over, the weight loss stopped , and I would give up (again!). After months of avoiding mirrors, clothes shops and telling myself it must be the water in the area where I live shrinking my clothes, I realised that something had to be done. I was having trouble doing everyday things like climbing stairs, and walking short distances left me out of breath.

So I searched for a hypnotist and found Dan. I was sceptical at first, and finding the money was hard, but oh my goodness it was worth it. In just four months, I have lost over two stone. But more importantly, I now feel in control of my food, and still feel motivated to lose more weight. I don't have cravings for packets and packets of crisps any more. I am enjoying doing a little exercise each day. Success is the most fabulous feeling in the world. Thank you, Dan! I feel far more energetic and in control of my eating now. Thank you." Teresa, Newmarket

Wow! What great success and well done to Teresa - and this is just the start for her as her weight continues to drop and her health and happiness rocket!

Make Weight Loss Happen For You

If you want to lose weight like this, take responsibility for making it happen (no one else will do it for you - not your partner, friends, colleagues and not the peddlars of fad diets). Get your mind in the right place and take control over your eating and over your weight and enjoy beoming the thinner, healthier, happier you!

Best wishes

Dan Regan

Hypnotherapy Ely & Newmarket