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Hypnotherapy for Sports Performance - Mindset, Focus & Motivation - transcript to Kate's video about how hypnotherapy helped her to boost her body building training and performance.

In this video, Kate, who is co-owner of Asgard Fitness in Newmarket, describes how her hypnotherapy sessions helped her to improve her mindset, focus and performance to compete successfully in body building competitions:

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"Hi, I’m Kate Byrne. I live in Newmarket and am co-owner of Asgard  fitness. I originally came to Dan many years ago to discuss and cover anxiety issues that I had. Following that, which was very successful, we moved on to training my mindset for sports performance. I compete in body building competitions and Dan really helped me with our sessions working through mental clarity, focus, motivation in the gym, motivation in my training sessions, so getting the most out of my training, weightlifting, cardio ensuring that every single training session I had was optimal, giving me shortcuts to maximise my performance essentially. I was fairly successful in my competing career. I’ve come two seconds and a third but I’m back again to work with Dan to kind of get the mental clarity back, get the focus back, get the motivation back, and start training again to a reasonably high level.

I thank Dan for all of his help with my sports performance, going to hopefully introduce it at Asgard too but I do think it’s a missing element of sports performance and people who train in general. You can train your diet, you can train your training, but if your mental focus and mindset isn’t correct then I think you’re missing the trick which is why I come and visit Dan."

Kate Byrne
10 February 2018

Hypnotherapy For Sports Performance 

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