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Health Anxiety Hypnotherapy Testimonial:

Transcript to Charlotte's hypnotherapy testimonial video in which she describes how her sessions helped her overcome her health anxiety. She also went on to have further sessions that helped her overcome her fear of flying.


health anxiety and fear of flying hypnotherapy testimonial

Hi my name is Charlotte and I struggled with health anxiety.

I got in touch with Dan and the sessions have helped me immensely with regards to the audios, the sessions, the techniques he’s provided me with. It got me through medical appointments, going forwards and backwards for ongoing tests.

Alongside meeting Dan and working through my health anxiety he’s also helped with my fear of flying. I had a massive trip booked for my husband’s 40th and we went to New York. And even just when that was looming, again it triggered my anxiety. With the techniques, with the sessions, I managed the trip of a lifetime, I made it to New York. No worries on the plane. Using my techniques if anything started to cause me a bit of anxiety and managed to make those memories all thanks to my sessions with Dan.

So, much, much appreciated; transformed my life.



01 April 2020


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