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Anxiety Hypnotherapy in Ely: Transcript to Natasha's hypnotherapy testimonial video:

In this hypnotherapy testimonial video, Natasha describes how her sessions helped her to deal with her anxiety and panic attacks:


anxiety hypnotherapy in ely review dan regan hypnotherapy


Hi Guys, so I just wanted to do a little video explaining about Dan’s hypnotherapy.

So I have been doing Dan’s hypnotherapy for a while now. I first done about about a good nine to ten sessions and then, before that, I done sessions with him before about another problem I had. So this one was more for  anxiety based. I was struggling with panic attacks. They would come out of the blue for no reason. Then talking to Dan obviously there are more underlying issues, and now I’m going through that and realising that. Dan has helped me an awful lot.

If I didn’t have Dan’s hypnotherapy I would still be in the same boat, if not worse, and I was about to go onto anxiety tablets until I did Dan’s hypnotherapy, and I didn’t need it. So now I’m not on any medication. I do some of Dan’s hypnotherapy online, on his website once a week, and download his audios. They’re really good as well especially after you’ve finished your sessions, or you can keep on going on sessions.

So, I definitely recommend Dan. Honestly he’s so good for your anxiety and panic attacks, and any phobias you have. I honestly can’t recommend Dan enough and I will still carry on using Dan if there are any panic attacks that come up, because it’s not completely gone, but it’s way subsided and it’s anxiety that I can deal with and I understand now I’ve got the tools to deal with my anxiety, thanks to Dan.

So thank you to Dan and don’t hesitate to get a session with Dan. 



27 August 2021


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