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Hello, Dan here and, today, I wanted to say a few words about something I was talking to a client yesterday and that’s about whether we should wait until we feel like doing something before we do it, or whether we should just get on and do it. Because sometimes we can fall into that trap of, if we wait until we feel like doing something, then if we feel a bit low or feel anxious in some way, then we stop doing stuff.

Whether, that’s kind of things like exercise, going for a walk, getting outdoors, seeing people we know, doing things that normally we would do when we feel good and are part of our lives, and are those things that bring us enjoyment and fun. If we feel low, if we feel anxious, we stop doing those things, and the more we stop doing them, the more we have time to think about all those kind of negative thoughts, the worse we tend to feel and it becomes very much a cycle that it gets harder to do those things, that we used to do, that we used to enjoy, and we find ourselves thinking those thoughts a lot more, feeling a lot more of those bad feelings and that’s where we can really get stuck in that low place where it feels really bad, where we really don’t want to be, but we kind of retreat into ourselves and we’ve withdrawn from a lot of things that were part of our lives.

So if we wait until we feel like doing something, we can get caught into that receding trap, if you like, of getting more and more stuck because we’re waiting, we’re waiting for something to happen that means that we feel better, that means that we go and do those things, and often we forget that actually we tend to feel better because we do those things. So, even if we don’t feel like it, we want to just get that mindset, I do these things because I know generally they make me feel better having done them. So, rather than getting stuck in that first bit, do I want to do this, have I got the motivation to do this, do I feel too low to do this, it’s actually just doing stuff, even if it’s not on the same scale as before, even if a bit less exercise, going for a short walk, those kind of things. I was talking to a client, like I said, yesterday, who when she used to feel low would stop healthy eating, and start eating a lot rubbish, a lot of sugary, high fat stuff, which is not going to make us feel great anyway. We stop drinking water and those kind of things. And would completely cut out on her running, her exercise.

And, of course, we feel worse because we’re not doing anything and we focus more on those thoughts, more on those feelings, and we get more and more stuck, like I was saying. So by taking that mindset off, forgetting do I feel like doing this, these are the things I do, and just getting on with those, getting help from those kind of walks.

Actually I had another client recently. When he first came to see me about anxiety, one of the first things I got him to do was to start every evening, when he got home from work, going for a 15-minute walk, to cut out that period where we kind of get in the house and we get into that kind of lull, we sit in our chair and, again, we can find ourselves ruminating on stuff and running those kind of thoughts, and feeling worse in ourselves. We don’t move, and we feel a bit rubbish and, of course, the more we do that, the more habitual it becomes, and the more we get stuck in that rut. And I’ll be honest, when I first said to him I want you to get out for that 15-minute walk, he hated the idea, he absolutely hated it. It wasn’t something he’d ever done before, he wasn’t interested, he didn’t feel like he wanted to do it, yet by doing that consistently he now recognises the benefits completely, even to the point he was telling me recently he missed it for a few days because of work commitments, and he missed it, he actually missed it as a thing to do and found that he felt a little bit lower for not having done it.

So, sometimes we want to just do those things,. So really what I’m saying is rather than waiting until we feel like doing stuff, we want to do the stuff because it makes us feel better. So really recognising that the rewards often come after doing stuff. This week, I can use my own example, I’ve got up three times at half past five in the morning to go to bootcamp. I can tell you that at half past five in the morning when I’m lying there in bed, when the alarm goes off, do I feel like getting up, getting up and going exercising in the rain and the cold? I certainly don’t, in case there’s any doubt. I would much rather turn the alarm off, have another hour and a half of sleep, and not worry about it. But I know that if I do that, then after I’ve done bootcamp I’m going to feel a lot better for it, I’m going to feel a lot better, and that kind of feeling better is going to last a long time into my day, and starts to become again a kind of positive momentum.

So, rather than waiting until we feel like doing stuff, like I said, the key message is do the stuff that will make you feel better and I think, like with my clients, and like me with my bootcamp, I think you’ll reap the rewards of doing that. Have a great day and I will speak to you again soon. Bye now.

Dan Regan

19 November 2018

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