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Mental Health & Pets - Dan Regan Hypnotherapy Vlog:

This is the transcript page for my vlog about mental health and pets following research published about how pets can benefit your mental health (click on image to watch the video):

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"Hello, Dan here and I’m on location with Poppy and Daisy at the bottom of our garden where we have our latest addition to the Regan family. In this hutch there we’ve got Nibbles, just out of shot for a minute, so we’re just getting Nibbles because, and the reason we’re here is because there’s been a recent report out that suggests the benefits of pets for those with mental health conditions. So there we go, there’s Nibbles, hello Nibbles, now on YouTube, a star in the making. So a recent report has come out and talks all about the benefits of having pets for those with mental health conditions. We’ve got the companionship, a sense of purpose, they can provide a distraction, they give unconditional love, support, they don’t judge, these are all the things that were included in the report. We’ve got Nibbles at the end of our garden here and she’s been a massive hit in our family and Poppy what do you like about having a pet?

[(Poppy and Daisy) I don’t know. Daisy what do you like about having a pet? Fun to play with, she’s so fluffy and cuddly, we get to run her about and she’s funny. Basically, when we get her out sometimes we put her on a lead and then we run her in our garden. She’s really funny.]

So there we go, she’s been a huge hit in our house and, of course, if you are going to get a pet, you need to make sure that you can look after it properly. There’s a cost of course. Some pets can be unruly. It’s worth getting advice on those kind of things. Certainly Nibbles has been a great hit. Soon we will be getting Nibbles a friend as well. Unfortunately, the friend we were going to get

[(Daisy) which is my rabbit. When they went to get her she had diarrhoea.] so we’re going to be working with Wood Green, a wonderful charity in Cambridgeshire, who are advising us on getting them together so they don’t argue and stuff. Anyway, if that report’s out, I’ll put a link to it. Pets can be a great source of benefit for those, in terms of maintaining mental health. Certainly these two are very happy with Nibbles, and also for those with a mental health condition. I’ll put a link below. We’re going to play with Nibbles now and give her a run around, have a bit of fun, and I will speak to you all soon. Take care now. Bye now."

Dan Regan

13 March 2018 

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