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Transcript to Teresa's video testimonial - weight loss hypnotherapy in Newmarket helps Teresa lose weight: 

Hello my name is Teresa and I came to Dan because I wanted to lose weight. I tried every diet going and all different sorts of faddy things. They worked for a little while and I lost a little bit of weight but then I’d be back into my old habits and I felt very ill really, very stressed because of what I looked like, and how I felt, and how it was affecting my life. So, I felt a bit desperate, you know, as to what to do next and, anyway, I saw Dan’s advert there for hypnotherapy and I thought I’m going to try that.
I was very skeptical about it because I just couldn’t understand how it works but I’m so pleased that I did. At the moment I‘ve lost three stone, which is wonderful, and I feel so much better for it. I’ve still got a lot to lose but, you know, feel very positive and motivated that I will lose all the rest of the weight. It wasn’t that difficult actually because it was just that I had a completely different attitude towards exercise, and food and eating.
Since seeing Dan I’m actually enjoying doing a little bit of exercise now, so that’s different, and I’ve also noticed things like I can breathe better now, I can go up and down stairs, even just walking is so much easier now, so I’m feeling the benefits of that. I still have occasional treats. I like the glass of wine, I like cheese and I like crackers so I still have those things but in moderation. I’m not eating packets and packets of crisps which I did before. So, I mean I have changed my habits.
The only problem I’ve got really is that I’ve got a little bird called Ola who likes crisps and I’ve tried to put him on a healthy diet as well. But I give him a piece of fruit and he’s still asking me; he throws it down and says, “No, I want crisps”.
But, apart from that we’re fine and I would highly recommend Dan. It’s changed my life basically so, yes, thank you.
June 2015