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Transcript to Simon's hypnotherapy video testimonial - overcoming anxiety hypnotherapy helps Simon conquer nerves: 

My name’s Simon Forrest. I’m a professional Thai boxer and I first come to see Dan about 8 months’ ago for help with my nerves. I used to get really nervous before fights and my trainer said to me that, everything else is right, but I needed to sort my mind out and he recommended hypnotherapy. So I contacted Dan and I came and saw him.

Since having hypnotherapy I’ve noticed a dramatic change in the level of my nerves and my performance in the ring. This to me proves how well hypnotherapy works and has opened my mind to basically the power of my mind, and has helped me explore different avenues in my life and been more successful and, due to this, I would recommend hypnotherapy to anyone who’s got anxiety, stress or a blip in their mind, to prevent it and get to the next step in whatever they’re trying to progress or succeed in.

Hypnotherapy for me has definitely brought attention to the power of the mind and how important it is. If you get your mind right then everything else will follow.



April 2015


Anxiety Hypnotherapy in Ely

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