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Transcript to hypnotherapy video testimonial - Stop smoking hypnotheraoy in Ely helps Glenn quit smoking:
Hello, my name is Glenn Connolly. It was some months ago I came to see Dan Regan on fairly specific smoking. I had real trouble with smoking. Gosh, I found myself smoking I think about £20-£25 worth a week of tobacco. I feel it was annoying in habit. I danced quite a lot and started to smell myself. I felt quite ashamed of that happening and other things in my life Dan has also tackled at the same which I think helped.
I think what Dan basically did was put a bit of backbone into me. I wanted to stop smoking but couldn’t and after one session really where we concentrated on smoking, well it was gone. I didn’t have any urges for tobacco. I don’t know what he did; took away I couldn’t even say the word for a few minutes after the session, I couldn’t say the word cigarette. It doesn’t seem to have had any other effects on me other than stopping the smoking. It’s great. I now go out, I dance. I don’t have to sort of have something in the car to sort of make me  not smell of tobacco. And it gives you back a little bit of dignity really. I feel a little bit more in control of those, you know….we all get these bad habits which are a bit of a sign of letting yourself go. Well that’s certainly tightened me in.
I’m feeling much more able to tackle everything the world throws me because I’m not there sucking on a stinking old cigarette.  Thanks Dan.
Glenn Connolly
February 2015