Stress and anxiety levels continue to affect people with latest figures showing that 9.9 million working days were lost in 2015 through stress, anxiety and depression.

The figures, published in the 2015 Labour Force Survey, show that stress, anxiety and depression accounted for 43 per cent of all working days lost due to ill health.

And these stark figures don't even begin to scratch the surface of the often devastating impact on individuals and those around them. 

With the level of workplace stress and anxiety remaining broadly constant for over a decade, it is evident that current initiatives are failing to help those who need the support the most.

Stress and Anxiety Symptoms Not Causes

Far too often it is the stress and anxiety symptoms that are addressed and not the causes. 

According to the survey, the main work factors causing work related stress and anxiety were workload pressures, including tight deadlines and too much responsibility, and a lack of managerial support. 

It is also likely that many people do not report their stress and anxiety symptoms because of worry about the potential impact on their work and careers. 

My call to action was covered by the Ely Standard

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I am sure that there are many businesses out there who are taking effective action to support staff to ensure that stress and anxiety don't become an issue as far as possible.

But with the ever rising reliance on antidepressants and short-term, fixed cost NHS therapy, the overall picture suggests that current strategies are failing to help people effectively and that a new approach is needed.

Anxiety & Stress Help

If you are struggling with anxiety and stress issues then you will find a wealth of free information and advice on this website. You can also download a free audio track to help you.

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