Time In Nature For Your Mental Health:

There's no doubt that getting away from things and spending some time in nature has a positive impact on your mental health, and can help you to reduce your stress and anxiety levels. Like me, you may know this already from personal experience, yet the science and evidence also exists to back it up.

The research shows that just ten to twenty minutes in nature has significant and positive impacts on your mental health and well-being and that just doing these a few times a week is enough for you to benefit.

As you'll know if you read my blogs, I like to combine the benefits of being outdoors in a nature environment with the (also well evidenced and researched) benefits of running (or walking/jogging). I love training runs that go through woodland or that involve getting away from the built up areas and just being around the sights and sounds of nature. It's also why I enjoy my walk to my new office and looking out of the windows across the fields watching the birds and the deer doing their thing.

While on my recent rip to the New Forest I spent every early morning walking and jogging around the forest and enjoying being around the horses and other wildlife in the solitude and silence. I was fortunte enough to watch a fascinating 'stand off' between two groups of horses at a stream, where in complete silence they just seemed to stare at each other for minute after minute until the deadlock ended (there's a little bit from that at the end of the video below so keep watching to see the horses).

In this video, I talk about some of the benefits of time in nature for improving your mental health and well-being, and for reducing stress and anxiety:


Time In Nature For Mental Health Hypnotherapy Ely


I'm not sure the camera did full justice to just how quiet and tense it was between the two sets of horses, I think you could have heard a pin drop (or you could have edged into a bramble bush and cut your leg on a thorn while filming!).

And for all you nature lovers out there, here are a few more shots of the awesome scenery and wildlife of the New Forest (and one with me too!): 

nature mental health hypnotherapy ely


mental health hypnotherapy in ely


anxiety hypnotherapy in ely


And if you still aren't convinced that spending time in nature is good for your mental health and helps reduce stress and anxiety then do go and take a look at these two earlier posts where I cover the research in a bit more depth: 

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To your health and happiness,

Dan Regan

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