Fear of Flying Course covered by the Ely Standard:

My new fear of flying course is now fully open and up and running. The course, which is a joint venture with Flight Simulator Instructor Serena from Sim2do (www.sim2do) includes many research backed elements that can help you to overcome your fear of flying.

We've been getting lots of interest about the course - particularly with peak holiday season fast approaching!

And I was really happy to have the Ely Standard cover the fear of flying course on their website this week (check it out here: Fear of Flying Course launched with hypnotherapist Dan Regan

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About the Fear of Flying Course

I've received quite a few questions and queries about the course since the Ely Standard article was published and some of the common queries are covered in this article.

The fear of flying course lasts about 2.5 hours and covers many aspects that can help alleviate your fear of flying.

The course is very individual based so that we can make it as beneficial for you as possible. When you book onto the course you will be sent a short questionnaire to fill in (it should only take a few minutes) to rate your fear, anxiety and worry about different aspects of the flying process. You may have worries and concerns about flying in general (even when you aren't directly involved in a flight), you may worry in anticipation of flying (e.g. from the moment of booking and as you prepare to travel) and you may experience fear and anxiety during the flight itself (from when the plane doors close, through to landing and leaving the plane). Serena and I will use this information to plan elements of your course in advance.

The course can also be adapted depending on your previous experiences with flying. Many people with a fear of flying have never flown before, or you may have flown many times without anything negative happening yet still feel fearful and for some people, they have experienced very unpleasant or even traumatic flights that have contributed to their fear of flying.

The course takes place in Mildenhall at the flight simulator centre. On the day Serena and I will use your flying history and individual worries to tailor what we cover on the day. There will be education and information about flying and planes to help you to understand what goes on before and during a flight and what all the sights and sounds mean.

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Working with me, we will cover many things around fears and how they start and are maintained psychologically and emotionally. I'll teach you many coping strategies that you can use in future flights to stay more calm and in control over your thoughts, feelings, actions and reactions through your flight. We will also use hypnosis to reduce your flying fear and to get your mind more focused on things going successfully for you. As well as the tools we will cover on the day, you will also get resources and tools you can use after you complete the course.

You will also get a chance to experience flying in the awesome state of the art flight simulator with Serena. This really is an amazing experience that will help you to reduce your fear and relax around flying. It also gives you the opportunity to try out some of the techniques you have learnt and to experience flying before your actual flight. Rather than waiting until you travel, you will be able to benefit from this wonderful virtual reality experience to build your confidence and reduce your flying fear.

I'd love to see you on the course and to help you reduce your fear of flying. Rather than avoiding flying and missing out, or using alcohol and drugs to endure your flight, I want you to be able to relax through the whole flying experience and even to start enjoying flying a bit. 

If you have any questions about the course do let me know (contact me here) and I'll be very happy to answer them. And if you do decide to book you can learn a bit more and reserve your place through this link: https://www.sim2do.com/fear-of-flying.

To your flying success!

Dan Regan

Hypnotherapy in Ely & Newmarket


Learn more about the fear of flying course and book here:  https://www.sim2do.com/fear-of-flying.
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