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Here you will find my vlogs and video where I talk about all things mental health, anxiety, hypnotherapy and much more besides...

Effectiveness of Online Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy Sessions During Lockdown Two

Doomscrolling, Anxiety and Your Mental Health

Covid-19 Anxiety & Negative Body Image

Coronaphobia & Coronavirus Anxiety

Running and Mental Health

Hypnotherapy Service Of The Year!

Hypnotherapy in Ely - New Location

Time In Nature For Mental Health

Worrying What Other People Think

Boosting Mental Health in the New Forest

My Go to Two For Anxiety/Stress

Misconceptions About Hypnosis

Anxious Worst Case Scenarios

Anxious Thoughts: Possible vs Probable

Birthday Learnings & Mental Health

Why People Break Lockdown

Emotional Thinking & Anxiety

Thank You NHS (and all key workers)

Ely Festive 5k & Why You Should Get Running

Do Other People Really Judge You Harshly When You Fail?

Anxiety About Public Speaking (and how to be more relaxed and present better)

Can Other People Tell How You Feel? Do thoughts. feelings and sensations leak out?

Worrying What People Think, Fear of Failure & Fear of Being Judged

Effectiveness of Hypnosis As a Treatment For Anxiety

Hypnotherapy - Ownership, Collaboration and Abuse

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Gratitude For Better Mental Health

Gratitude, Anxiety & Self-Esteem

Anxiety & Your Imagination

Change, growth & capability

Waiting until you feel like it?

Interrupt Negative Thoughts in 3-2-1

Comparing Yourself To Others

Negative Thoughts & Overthinking

Ely Rock Hunting Mindfulness

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