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Years of overworking, putting the client’s needs before that of my family, left me feeling so depleted, my doctor classified me as suffering from acute work based stress.


Unable to make simple decisions, feeling agitated and emotional, plus inability to cope with noise made daily life difficult. All I wanted to do was walk the dogs, swim or run, any form of physical activity to balance the ache and pressure I felt in my head and body. 


Completing online mood gym and stress management tools weren’t resolving the issue and desperate to return to “normality”, I recalled an article I had read about Dan. 


As I wanted to avoid all forms of medication, my doctor agreed that spending some time with Dan could be helpful. Dan’s ability to actively listen within a calm environment enabled me to regain balance, perspective and calmed my inner turmoil. 


Over time, as I regained functionality, the frequency of my sessions changed, yet when blip occurred, Dan was there, either in a meeting or at the end of the phone. 


His involvement in my recovery and on-going support has been immeasurable. Work colleagues and clients, comment about how wonderful I look, and my doctor has categorised me as her star patient, requesting Dan’s contact details for future referrals.

26 July 2012

PLEASE NOTE: Results may vary from client to client

I am so pleased with the results of the help that Dan has given me through Hypnotherapy to lose weight.


My whole attitude around food has changed so that I only eat when I am hungry rather than bored or stressed. I have gone down two dress sizes and am still losing weight! I feel so much more confident in my appearance which has helped me at work.


I was bridesmaid last week at a wedding and I had a brilliant time because I felt and looked great! I was so worried about walking down the aisle and everyone looking at me but Dan gave me the confidence in myself so that I didn’t think about me and could just focus on the bride enjoying herself. I have seen some of the photos from the wedding and can actually look at myself and smile whilst before I used to feel sick if I saw photos of myself.

23 July 2012

PLEASE NOTE: Results may vary from client to client

Just wanted to give you another huge thanks I have now passed the 1 year mark for giving up smoking. Have not had a need or want to pick one up. I promote hypnotherapy for anyone who is trying to give up. That helping hand has been huge.

16 July 2012

PLEASE NOTE: Results may vary from client to client

When you can admit to yourself that you have problems in your life, whatever they may be, you are part of the way to fixing them. Luckily I admitted to myself that I needed a lot of help and support as I didn't feel I could do it alone. I feel very fortunate that I found Dan. He has helped me enormously over the past few months with many emotional issues and bad eating habits. So now, feeling great within myself and getting my life back on track, Dan is now helping me achieve my next goal.... a 10k run. I am due to do this in August. So watch this space!!!

United Kingdom
16 June 2012

PLEASE NOTE: Results may vary from client to client

Well Dan, I can only thank you. Since our session I have not smoked or even had any bad cravings for a smoke.

15 June 2012

PLEASE NOTE: Results may vary from client to client

My daughter finally achieved her aim after 2 years and beat her phobia of injections. After 6 sessions with Dan she managed to use some of the techniques Dan taught her, and have teeth out to enable her to have a brace. She was so pleased with herself and will now be able to have her brace fiitted.

11 June 2012

PLEASE NOTE: Results may vary from client to client

A big thank you to Dan. I am a builder running my own company and about 3-4 years ago got ill, it was partly stress related and since then been trying to fight it with all sorts of thing but nver still feeling right. I was sufffering with anxiety attacks even just driving a short distance for no reason and loads of other symptoms.


I read Dans article in the weekly news and that was it for me so I made the call. I was on the point of changing what I did for work.


Now months later I have to say it has changed my life I feel normal again and better. Anybody out there who is finding life a struggle give Dan a call and get your life back its well worth it. Thanks again.

08 June 2012

PLEASE NOTE: Results may vary from client to client

I used to suffer with anxiety and panic and, following my sessions with Dan, have found these feelings are no longer there. Recently I was able to get up and sing karaoke without any of the old panic, shaking or stress that would have been there before.

14 May 2012

PLEASE NOTE: Results may vary from client to client

It\'s been nearly three months and I'm pleased to report all good here, have not smoked since our session, thanks for your help.

14 May 2012

PLEASE NOTE: Results may vary from client to client

I had been suffering with a phobia of all medically related places, people and procedures of any kind before I saw Daniel. I actually called Daniel after a traumatic skiing accident, I had just got back in the country and he came the same day as I was consumed with anxiety.


I was absolutely amazed at how much changed just in one afternoon (so were the people around me), he gave me the confidence to go to the gps and to even talk through my accident. The key things that were identified was that I needed to feel in control and have confidence in myself.


I saw Daniel again a few weeks later as I was worrying about the treatment from my accident, we tried lots of different things and in the end I managed to feel a sense of acceptance. By the time I met my consultant I was hoping for the best but managed to see that whatever the outcome was I could get through it.


It feels so fantastic to have the weight lifted from me and I find it very hard to explain to people how exactly Daniel managed to do that. I just feel now, as Daniel would say, that 'I can do whatever I want to do'! That was our aim and it is being shown to be true already in obstacles that would have thrown me that I have now been able to face.


I think I also found comfort from the fact that if I discovered that part of the phobia was still lingering that I could just arrange to see him again, having great faith that he would guide me through and help disperse the problem.


Its been quite a journey as I had this phobia from childhood and now I am needing to learn what is a normal reaction and what is something more than that. It's like starting afresh!

11 May 2012

PLEASE NOTE: Results may vary from client to client