Phobias & Fears

I had a life long fear of spiders, and was persuaded to try hypnotherapy. If I'm honest I was abit skeptical but after 4 sessions not only am I fine being around spiders I have picked them up! It is something that I thought I wouldn't be able to change im my life so a massive thank you to dan and If you are unsure about it I would say try because it works.

24 April 2014

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Dan is amazing. He helped me change what I thought was impossible and make it possible.


Before seeing Dan I had a phobia of balloons popping but after only 5 sessions, I had the courage to go out and face my fear head on and step by step over a couple of days and for the third time today I have blown lots of balloons up and popped them with no ear protection either :) so extremely proud. I have done around 100 balloons all together now.


Anyone reading this while thinking of going with Dan, my advice is go for it. Thanks again

Terry How
05 January 2014

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A few months ago, irrational health fears had control of my life. Routine trips to the doctor would scare me to the point that I actually made myself ill – which made my fear worse. I was locked in a cycle of obsession and anxiety – too ashamed to talk about it, because I felt stupid.


When I came to Dan, I found him so accepting and non-judgemental that talking was easy. Through his sessions, I’ve learned to calm my mind and switch off unwanted thoughts. It’s been fantastic to have him on my side as I’ve made progress – he’s helped me every step of the way. I now feel like the ‘normal’ person I so wanted to be.


For years, I’ve wanted to give blood. Previously the idea of it made me sick with worry as the process of donating blood was the most frightening situation I could imagine. Last night, I was immensely proud to send Dan a message telling him that I’d just donated blood. In fact, I’m looking forward to doing it again.


Dan’s put me back in control and my future is more exciting than ever, because if I can defeat my demons then I know I can do anything. Thanks Dan, I’m the bravest and happiest person I’ve ever been.

20 November 2013

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As promised, I wanted to let you know how I got on with my trip at the weekend.


In a nutshell, it was great. I don't think I'll ever be able to say that I love flying but that is largely down to the fact that it's a quite boring, and not an ideal way to spend time with two young children!


I was worried before the first flight that all my old anxieties would hit me and I'd have a massive panic attack but it never came. I was a little apprehensive, but nothing worse. Once we took off I actually calmed down more and I felt really quite relaxed during the flight. I barely thought about the return flight while we were away and managed to enjoy the last day of the holiday (something I can't usually do) and I was even more relaxed on the plane on the way home. I am now looking forward to choosing our next holiday based on factors other than how easy it is to get to by car!


I have also noticed my general issues with anxiety are much improved. For example, while I was away we took a boat trip - in the past this would have made me nervous but I was able to enjoy the whole thing without worrying. I seem to be taking everything in my stride and worrying less about life in general and just enjoying it, which at the end of the day is what everyone wants surely!


You have really helped improve my life and I look forward to many happy adventures with my family, thanks to you.

Claire Harrison
11 September 2013

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I saw Dan about my fear of flying which had been getting worse over the last ten years. Just the thought of my upcoming flight was filling me with panic and I didn't want it (and the thought of the flight back) to ruin my holiday.


Thanks to Dan's help the flight was the best I have ever had! I even helped my partner to relax and we had taken off before he had realised! So thanks for the help. Have enjoyed a wonderful, relaxing holiday with my family.

08 August 2013

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When you have a fear so deeply rooted it can be difficult to find the words to explain how you feel about it, why you haven't driven for ages. When your fear lives strong, when you struggle to find the willpower to even find the car key and your hands start sweating at the thought of sitting at the wheel, it is easy to hold on to any little excuse.


So I did, hold on, just like I had been holding on to my fear for over two decades. Hypnotherapy trains the mind to think differently. My memories of my accident have totally changed. I think of that day, of the months and years that followed it in a totally different way.


Hypnotherapy has allowed me to take back control. The worst thing about fear is that it invades all parts of your life, conquering that fear has to be down to you, hypnotherapy gave me the tools to do so but, at the end of the day, no one but me could get back in that car and drive.


Mid-way through my hypnotherapy Dan gave me a task, I was to get in the car, we needed to see whether I would be able to and how I felt about it, had anything changed? So I did and things had indeed changed, in fact I can remember I drove the car back home from somewhere but I can't even remember where from. A week later I was driving back from 15 miles away. Not bad for someone who hadn't driven for over 7 months.


I am now in the fourth week of full-on driving. I now sleep ok the night before, despite knowing that I will be driving in the morning. This is the longest I have driven in a row since I was probably in my very early twenties, in fact I'm not sure I have ever driven this frequently for such a long period of time in my whole life.

28 May 2013

PLEASE NOTE: Results may vary from client to client

I came to see Dan because I had several phobias which I felt were getting in the way of my normal life and I am so glad I did! Just a few sessions on each and I am freed!


After a horrific experience at the dentist several years ago, I was petrified at the thought of letting anyone near my teeth again. With Dan's help, I had four teeth extracted and an awkward filling done at the back of my mouth, all with minimum anxiety.


Similarly, having harboured an irrational fear of fire for most of my life, I have cowered in my house on bonfire night, avoided pubs with open fires, restaurants with candles on the table and haven't struck a match in 20 years. After just one focussed session on this with Dan, the old fear has been put into perspective and last week, I lit all the candles on my son's birthday cake. I cannot recommend this highly enough!

26 April 2013

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I used to suffer with a fear of the dentist. Just the thought of the dentist made me anxious and feel panicy.


I went to see Dan when I needed a filling done and it was actually fine - SOOO much better than it would have been without your help I think so thank you! I can't say I enjoyed it but I got through it and it was definitely way down on the panic-scale!

12 November 2012

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I drove my first long distance for two years this past weekend, since getting behind the wheel again and it was in the heavy rain on a motorway and your relaxation tips helped me greatly. Thanks again. It was 9 yrs since I'd been that way!

08 August 2012

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My daughter finally achieved her aim after 2 years and beat her phobia of injections. After 6 sessions with Dan she managed to use some of the techniques Dan taught her, and have teeth out to enable her to have a brace. She was so pleased with herself and will now be able to have her brace fiitted.

11 June 2012

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