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Feedback from my Fear of Flying Course with Sim2do


I wanted you to know that I had a wonderful trip to Morocco. Partly because the flights to and from were absolutely fine for me, thanks in the most part to both of you. Your enthusiasm for flying, your clear descriptions of how planes worked and your complete confidence in aviation Serena enabled me to be interested in the plane and actually enjoy almost everything about the flight! Especially landing in Marrakech, which looked just like it did on the simulator!

I used your downloads, Dan, on take -off and landing and found just having your calming voice in my ear really helpful. I particularly found the concept of being in control of my reactions to the flight helpful, even though I wasn’t in control of the plane, it was a good distinction to make.

So an enormous thank you to you both for your care, support, and  professionalism it enabled me to have the most fantastic holiday,

29 March 2020

PLEASE NOTE: Results may vary from client to client

I brought my 10 year old son to see Dan at a point where I was completely lost as to how to help him. He had always showed signs of being a little anxious and in particular anxiety around being ill. Interestingly he is a really healthy child rarely even catching a cold and I think he has only had a sickness bug twice in his life.


He was always very thorough with washing his hands and would always be very wary around people who had been sick or felt sick. He would avoid them long after the 48 recommended hours.


But he did finally get a sickness bug this Easter. We thought he would find it hard, but he would finally realise that as horrible as it is, it’s all over pretty quickly and he would then not be so worried about it.


The complete opposite happened and although he appeared to deal with the bug ok a week later, he stopped eating and drinking for fear of being sick. He developed lots of safety behaviour habits that he thought would prevent him ever being sick again. He couldn’t go in his room, was scared to go up the stairs, couldn’t go in the bathroom on his own, couldn’t sleep on his own and many many more things. Getting him into school was a struggle, he missed lessons, stopped eating at school, stopped going to after school clubs. He was having several panic and anxiety attacks every day. It was like having a completely different child and my husband and I felt totally useless as we couldn’t seem to help him.


He was losing weight, but nothing could persuade him to eat. We went to the GP who said he could refer us, but it could be up to a year for him to be seen.


I had seen Dan’s blog on Facebook and saw on his website that he had helped people with phobias (I learnt from one of Dan’s posts that Oliver’s phobia was called Emetaphobia)and the related anxiety and panic that goes with them. So, I booked a free initial consultation and just hoped it was going to help.


Oliver was so scared to go; he didn’t know what Dan was going to do and he was very tearful and quiet when we arrived. I had already emailed Dan to tell him about Oliver and how nervous he was, and Dan had put my mind at ease about going.


Dan kept the first consultation so relaxed, friendly and calm that by the end Oliver had started to talk about how he felt and when we left Oliver said ‘Dan gets me doesn’t he’. When I asked Oliver if he would like to go back and see Dan, he said yes straight away.


Over the next few sessions Dan worked with Oliver to deal with his panic and anxiety giving him several methods and techniques to use. Some seemed so simple but proved so effective and easy enough for Oliver as a 10-year-old to understand and follow through with. He also helped me to understand what Oliver was feeling and the language I could use when he was panicking in order to help him.


Dan was so good at relating to Oliver, I felt that he very quickly understood Oliver’s personality and what would work for him.


Each week in between sessions Oliver made small improvements and he was always so excited to see Dan to tell him what he had achieved.


So, with Dan’s help Oliver started eating again, sleeping in his own bed, being able to be away from us and see his friends, go into school without panicking and being able to stay in lessons. He also learnt what to do if he had a panic attack.


We listened to several of Dan’s hypnosis downloads, all of which were extremely helpful, and we will continue to use those.


We will also continue to see Dan on an ad-hoc basis as I think it will help Oliver to keep on top of his anxiety and to remind him of what methods and techniques he can use. Dan was also very good at making Oliver realise that this was a small part of his life and it wasn’t going to take over from all the positive things going on.


I would highly recommend to anyone of any age dealing with a phobia and the related anxiety that comes along with it to go and see Dan. I can’t speak highly enough about the work Dan does and his ability to relate to people on an individual basis. He is so easy to talk to and the results speak for themselves.


I am so pleased we took Oliver to see Dan for that initial consultation and I hope that by writing this testimonial there may be someone else who is having a difficult time that will seek Dan’s help.


Thank you Dan

Jennie and Oliver
08 October 2019

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In the last 18 months I have had several medical issues and developed anxiety when going for medical appointments, tests and scans. I would delay appointments to avoid the anxiety. 

I started to see Dan as knew the anxiety was stopping me from getting the answers I needed and also was incredibly unpleasant. I've now had 4 sessions with Dan. 

Today I went for an appointment which would normally have me feeling beyond anxious and had to undergo several tests. I was told I needed to go for another test which is minimally invasive and I felt really level headed. I didn't feel any anxiety or nervousness. I felt really ready to get answers. 

18 August 2018

PLEASE NOTE: Results may vary from client to client

In this testimonial video, Miranda describes how her sessions helped her to overcome her fear of swimming in open water so she could compete calmly and confidently in her triathlon:


overcoming fear of swimming in open water hypnotherapy testimonial

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Miranda Reynolds
01 August 2018

PLEASE NOTE: Results may vary from client to client

In this video, Jenny talks about how she overcame her fear of driving on motorways and dual carriageways that she had struggled with for years:


fear of driving hypnotherapy in ely driving anxiety

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10 May 2017

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In this video, Matt describes how working with Dan helped him to overcome his fear of deep water and swimming:

overcoming fear of deep water hypnotherapy testimonial

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12 May 2016

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In this video, Heather describes how Dan Regan Hypnotherapy helped to end her needle phobia:


needle phobia eliminated heather

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11 November 2015

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After 39 years of dreading anything to do with needles, injections and especially fearing having to have a blood test I am very happy to have finally overcome this stressful and embarrassing problem!


I had previously visited 3 other hypnotherapists (unsuccessfully) over the years to get over the totally irrational faints and vomiting that would happen every time in the past I'd had to have vaccinations.


However, this morning I calmly went for my first ever blood test feeling relaxed, confident and able and to do this. Even with nearly an hours wait (that would have had me in bits before) I didn't have any of the old nerves, nausea or fainting and just chatted through the whole procedure. The only rush I felt was when I realised I'd done it!


Thank you Dan you have helped me where others have failed to!



09 October 2015

PLEASE NOTE: Results may vary from client to client

Over a number of years, I have suffered with anxiety and linked to this a phobia of eating in unfamiliar places. I had previously had CBT through a separate route to help my general anxiety but I continued to struggle with eating in unfamiliar restaurants and around unfamiliar people. I did some research and stumbled across Dan’s website and decided to give hypnotherapy a go.

Over a number of sessions, Dan started to change my way of thinking and I could start to see a difference. I didn’t feel myself finding excuses not to go out and didn’t get so flustered when a menu was given to me. I now feel able to agree to go out or even round someone’s house and happily eat without mentally exhausting myself from worry. My quality of life has much improved due to this. Dan is extremely personable and friendly; he makes you feel at ease and is supportive. I would highly recommend Dan if you are hoping to make a change in your life but require that little extra support.

23 March 2015

PLEASE NOTE: Results may vary from client to client

I contacted Dan after having a couple of falls from my horse. I had, initially, thought that I had got my confidence back after the falls but I began to dread riding and found that even handling him on the ground was becoming an issue. Horses are expensive animals to keep and I knew that for my well being and his that I had to make a decision. I was on the point of selling when I sought Dan's help. After 6 sessions my confidence has returned and my horse and I have a happy partnership. Another unexpected side effect is that I no longer get stressed in meetings at work as my confidence has returned. So a winner all round. Many thanks Dan.

03 March 2015

PLEASE NOTE: Results may vary from client to client