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Creating Calm Hypnosis



Creating Calm Hypnosis Download

Naturally create more calmness and enjoy the benefits

There’s nothing I enjoy more on holiday than sitting in the warmth and watching the waves of the sea as they come and go.

Last year I went on holiday to Filey in Yorkshire and an still remember the wonderful calmness and contentment that I experienced as i say on the Brigg watching the waves hit the rocks. The sun was shining and there was a cool breeze that meant the temperature was just in the right range for comfort. There’s something special about sitting within nature and just watching and listening to the waves and the birds and other sounds around you. I find that in such a place, my mind seems clearer and more free, my thoughts come and go almost like the waves, and I have a deep level of inner comfort and peace.

It’s the same wonderful calm feeling I enjoy when sitting on a hill just outside Cardiff, where I grew up. It’s a kind of separation yet connectedness at the same time, just watching the signs of life yet being in a tranquil space amongst nature. And I know many people enjoy the same sense of mental calmness and physical relaxation when on the beach or walking through a forest or in any other number of natural environments.

Using this audio will allow you to connect with the sense of inner calmness, where you can just relax physically and with your thoughts. You could draw upon places you’ve been to as you remember them during this hypnosis or you can imagine a place that’s just right for you, where you have that sense of being safe, comfortable and at ease.

As  you access this capability through using the audio, you will find that you can take that ability into many facets of your day to day life in ways that will please you. You will find that you are able to clear your mind, calm your thoughts and adopt a calmer perspective.

Many people use this audio at night to clear their mind and let go of the busyness of the day before sleep yet you can also use it to give your mind some time off from all the thinking, activity and distractions of the day. Sounds good, right?


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