Is your inner critic keeping you anxious and stuck?

Are you your own best friend or our own worst enemy? Whether we realise it or not, all day long we are running a self-talk commentary in our heads of what is going on within us and around us. If you have learnt to be self-critical in your thoughts then you may spend your time telling yourself that you aren't good enough, or talking yourself out of doing things you want to do, or convincing yourself that you'll probably fail or make an idiot of yourself.

It's a bit like having a little devil on our shoulder all day long who delights in highlighting your perceived inadequacies, flaws or in naysaying any signs of confidence, hope and progression. 

When I used to struggle with anxiety, I'd told myself I wasn't good enough so many times that I'd stopped even noticing that I was doing it. It became so habitual that I just assumed that the stuff I was telling myself was fact and reality. I was sure that other people would think I was rubbish or boring or an idiot. I was always living on edge at some level in case I was 'found out' for being inadequate. I lived with a mind crammed full of inner criticism which projected my anxiety into each and every situation. I avoided things, I ducked out of things and I prayed no one would notice.

Yet life doesn't have to be an endless stream of negative inner criticism and worst case scenarios. You don't have to be filled with dread about what might happen.

Taming The Inner Critic

Recently I worked with Richard whose inner critic was stopping him from doing the things he really wanted to do. All that over analysing was also impacting on his sleep and generating a huge fear of failure about pursing things he was passionate about. Well I'm pleased to say that we got all that sorted through our work together and here is what Richard had to say after his eight sessions:

overcoming inner critic and fear of failure hypnotherapy testimonial

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Pretty awesome stuff, eh? Richard was able to tame his inner critic, give up a job he didn't enjoy and start happily doing the things he is passionate about. If your inner critic has been keeping you unhappy, anxious and stuck, then maybe it's time that you also took control over your thoughts and feelings and ditched that old fear of failure.

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