After just four hypnotherapy sessions, one recent client who had suffered with anxiety and panic attacks wrote:

I could never go anywhere on my own. I would fear getting out of my car to go into my house, walking in the dark, being attacked in and out of my home, the list is endless. This has changed my life, I can now enjoy and relax being on my own at home and pop into town whenever I want. My family and I have noticed big changes. Thank you so much.

Anxiety and panic attacks are

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I often see people who tell me that they lack motivation or that they just can’t get the motivation to do things they want to (or feel they should) do. This could range from weight loss and exercise to taking action on their career or relationship goals.

I also work with people who are performing well yet know they have an extra gear that they want to tap into to drive their performance even higher.

Here’s a simple way to get the motivation you need.

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Do you procrastinate? Is it time to stop the procrastination and get on with getting things done and achieving?

Hypnotherapy & NLP can help to remove those things that hold you back so you can move forward with motivation, happiness and confidence.

Maybe you find yourself just putting things off, like making decisions, or you just can’t get motivated to do something that seems overwhelming, boring or routine. Or maybe

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Want to start feeling better than you currently do?

Whether it’s anxiety, stress, depression or just wanting to feel better than you currently do, these three techniques will help you easily start feeling better today. 

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Are you stressed out? Does it just feel like you’ll never be able to get everything done on time? Does it make your head ache and mind feel overwhelmed and exhausted? 

If you answered yes to any of these questions then the good news is that hypnotherapy can help you to relax, refocus and handle everything that you face in your daily life.

Unmanageable stress is becoming more and more of a problem as we all attempt to cope with the ever increasing demands on our time and energy. It can be easy to feel simply overwhelmed by

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It isn’t often that I ask a client if I can publish an e-mail received from them before we’ve finished all of our hypnotherapy sessions together. However, I received an e-mail from one weight loss client recently that both moved and inspired me and I wanted to share it with you.

My client came to see me for weight loss hypnotherapy having struggled with weight loss since her teens. She’d suffered both anorexia and bulimia in the past and still felt her relationship with her self-image, weight and food wasn’t as healthy as it could be.

This is her update after three hypnotherapy sessions together:  

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Hypnotherapy to release anger: how angry are you?

Are you angry? What would it mean to you to regain your sense of calmness and control, reacting appropriately to things like other people seem easily to? 

Anger Awareness Week takes place in December and is a good time to consider this emotion and whether your anger is a problem for you. 

Hypnotherapy can be a very effective way of reducing anger so that rather than letting it define you as an ‘angry person’, it only kicks in when it is justified or warranted. You will also feel a lot calmer in life and be able to deal with things in the way that other people just seem to.

Maybe you are angry about

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Looking for successful hypnotherapy in Cambridge? Need help to stop smoking, lose weight, end anxiety & panic attacks, manage stress, build confidence or maybe another issue?

I’m very pleased to announce that hypnotherapy, hypnosis & NLP appointments are now also available in Cambridge, as well as in Ely & Newmarket.

Hypnotherapy in Cambridge 

Hypnotherapy sessions take place at the well-established and highly regarded Girton Physiotherapy Clinic. The contact details for hypnotherapy in Cambridge are:

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Stop Smoking:


Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy: Creating Your Future.

pdfStop Smoking Hypnotherapy - Compare Your Futures.pdf


Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy: How much does smoking actually cost you?

pdfStop Smoking Hypnotherapy - How much does smoking cost you.pdf



Weight Loss:


Weight Loss Hypnotherapy: How To Succeed with Weight Loss - 5 ways to start losing weight today. Your Free 24 page guide to successful weight loss:

pdfHow To Succeed with Weight Loss - 5 ways to start losing weight today


You can also access the succeed with weight loss guide online here: How to succeed with weight loss


Weight Loss Hypnotherapy - Simple Food Diary Template:

pdfWeight Loss Hypnotherapy - Basic Food Diary.pdf


Weight Loss Hypnotherapy - Food Diary Template

pdfWeight Loss Hypnotherapy - Food Diary Template


Weight Loss Hypnotherapy - Weight Loss Tips

pdfWeight Loss Hypnotherapy - Weight Loss Tips



Anxiety & Stress:


 How to Successfully Reduce & Manage Your Stress E-book:

pdfSuccessfully Reduce and Manage Stress E-book - Ely Mind Coaching Hypnotherapy.pdf


Exam Stress E-book:

pdfOvercome Exam Stress and Anxiety E-book - Ely Mind Coaching Hypnotherapy.pdf


Simple ways to start reducing stress: things you can start doing today that will have a big impact on the amount of stress you are experiencing in your life:

pdfHypnotherapy for Stress - Simple Ways To Reduce Stress.pdf


7/11 Breathing - Reduce anxiety, stress & panic:

pdfHypnotherapy to Reduce Stress and Anxiety - Breathing.pdf



How To Start Feeling Better Today:


Six easy ways to start feeling better today and combat anxiety, stress & depression:

pdfSix ways to start feeling better today - combat anxiety, stress depression.pdf





Hypnotherapy for insomnia - ten tips to overcome insomnia

pdfHypnotherapy for Insomnia - Ten Tips To Overcome Insomnia



Fear of Public Speaking


Hypnotherapy for fear of public speaking - public speaking tips

pdfHypnotherapy to overcome fear of public speaking - Public Speaking Tips



Goal Setting For Success:


Goal setting process: pdfAchieving Your Goal Process.pdf



Instant Motivation:


A simple technique to get all the motivation you need: pdfInstant Motivation.pdf




Enjoy relaxation: pdfEnjoy Relaxation.pdf



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Do you have a fear of injections and needles? If so, it can turn visits to the doctor, nurse or dentist into a huge ordeal with hours of anxiety and fear beforehand which builds up in intensity as the time gets closer.

Using a successful mix of hypnotherapy, hypnosis & NLP I’ve worked with both medical professionals who are giving the injections as well as clients/patients receiving them.

Needle phobia

For example, a medical professional who recently came to see me for hypnotherapy had difficulty giving injections. He would experience anxiety and fear leading

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