The fear of public speaking is said to be one of the biggest fears that affects people – in fact, many people will do all they can to avoid ever being in a situation where they need to give a speech, deliver a presentation or speak in front of others.

When I work with people who have a fear of public speaking the sort of things that concern them are: 

I’ve recently been working with several clients who have a fear of going to the dentist or having dental treatment such as fillings.

One client I worked with would visibly shake and cry just telling me about the possibility of going to the dentist. Another told me how she’s tried four times to have a tooth removed and each time she had experienced a panic attack and had run from the room. Others have talked about how they have avoided treatment or how they live with the constant worry that, at any time, they may need something done.

For whatever reason, their minds had decided that going to the dentist was the scariest thing of all and therefore triggered their flight response (sweating, feeling sick, hyperventilating etc.) to get them out of that situation.

Most people will tell you that, given the choice, they could find a million things they’d rather be doing 

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If you’ve been watching ‘Secret Eaters’ on Channel 4, you’ll have seen that each episode they follow around some people who want to lose weight to check what they are eating and when. Usually the people involved start the programme by saying how they can’t understand why they are overweight as they eat a healthy diet and avoid snacking or drinking too much.

What they often find is a great disparity between how much people think they are eating and how much they actually eat in reality. In most cases there isn’t any intention to deceive, it’s simply that when we do something so often (like eating), we don’t necessarily pay attention to or register what we put in our mouths. I’m guessing that most people reading this couldn’t definitely state what and how much they have eaten over the last few days without missing out some things.

That’s why when I’m working with weight loss clients THE first thing we work on is:

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One of the questions I often ask clients is

‘How do you know that you have this problem?’

At first it sounds straightforward doesn’t it?

But just think – you know you have this problem, or you wouldn’t even be sitting in the chair talking to me at a hypnotherapy session.

But how do you know?

How Do You Know?

Recently I have been working with

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When they come to meet me for a free initial consultation, people are often interested to learn what led to me becoming a hypnotherapist.

For many years, almost as far back as I can remember, I suffered with

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I’ll be at the Ely Cathedral Business Exhibition on the afternoon of Thursday 31st May – I’d love to see you there so make sure if you can make it, you come and say hello!

You can find me at the Ely Complementary Health Centre stand with

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Earlier in the month, I went to a conference in Cambridge where Michael Heppell (author of several books including ‘How To Be Brilliant’) spoke. If you ever get a chance to see Michael speak then I’d highly recommend you go.

At the conference Michael asked the audience:

‘How many of you could use more confidence?

Is there anybody here who can honestly say that they have all the confidence they need in every area of their life?’

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If you suffer with a phobia then you will already know how it can limit you or keep you stuck. You may suffer with anxiety or panic attacks and either struggle in some situations or avoid them altogether to try and prevent those anxious feelings.

In recent months, I’ve worked with clients to overcome phobias and fears such as:

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Are you fed up with failing to achieve your goals? Then maybe you are using the weakest word in the Endlish language!

Becasue probably the weakest word I come across people using day to day, in and out of therapy, is the word:

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I recently worked with a client who had suffered with insomnia for well over seven years.

Every night he would wake at about 3.30am and his head would be so full of thoughts that he couldn’t get back to sleep for a very long time. It had happened so many times that he had almost come to expect to have sleep problems and to feel tired and below his best during the day.

There are many aspects involved in

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