If there was a way to feel happier and healthier every day could you find 30 minutes in your day?

What if it also gave you more energy, reduced stress and you could lose weight too?

A recent survey for the walking charity, The Ramblers, found that one in four adults walked less than an hour a week.

Now, assuming those people didn’t do any other form of exercise, that’s a whole lot of time spent sitting on their backsides!

Whether it’s at your desk, in front of your TV or in the car, it’s no secret that

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Today is No Smoking Day and regardless of the many different methods you come across to help you stop smoking, there is really only one way for you to successfully stop smoking.

So before you start spending time, money and effort to stop smoking you want to make sure that this ingredient is there at the very beginning.

The only way you can successfully stop smoking is this:

Decide you are never, ever going to smoke again

If this sounds too simple, then just consider, if this element isn’t there at the beginning, then anything else you do to stop smoking is just a waste of time, money and effort.

If you haven’t yet made the decision to stop smoking then it doesn’t matter which method you chose, you won’t successfully stop smoking.

Occasionally, I meet people who want to stop smoking because

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March is the Sleep Council’s National Bed Month…but maybe you are too tired to care?

You probably already know the importance of a good night’s sleep so you wake in the morning generally feeling ready for the day. In fact, it’s often suggested that alongside water and food, sleep is equally as important in enabling you to function effectively.

But if you aren’t getting enough sleep right now, everything seems that much more difficult doesn’t it?

You may feel irritable, lethargic, anxious, depressed or stressed as you struggle through your day, looking forward to getting home and getting to bed. But then when you get into bed

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Are you an optional extra in your own life?

You may have 101 things that you need to get done today, or a list as long as your arm or maybe you can’t even cope with thinking about how much there is that you need to get done.

So many people I meet give every minute of their time and every ounce of their energy to work, other people and their other responsibilities.

And somewhere down at the bottom of your list, for when you get time to get around to it, you may have something like:

  • Sorting out your eating habits and losing weight
  • Stopping smoking
  • Finding time to relax
  • Learning to manage stress
  • Developing more confidence
  • Or some other change to feel healthier and happier

Because you have so much to do for

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One of the questions I usually ask people when they come to see me with help for anxiety, stress and many other issues is:

‘How do you relax?’

Because as a whole it seems that we humans aren’t generally that good at simply relaxing. We’re always busy doing something or distracting our minds (e.g. with TV) or worrying about what we’ve still got to get done.

And when we never give our brains a chance to switch off, it’s no wonder that we have problems sleeping, we comfort eat or drink or we start to feel anxious and stressed.

Sometimes we haven’t got 20 minutes to lie down in a dark room, close our eyes and relax so we need ways to relax that we can do on the move – where ever we are - particularly if we are on our way to an important meeting or interview, or heading towards a situation that can cause us anxiety or stress.

So here are three simple ways to start feeling more relaxed, to give our minds and bodies a break and to quieten down all that constant chatter in our minds.

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People who come to see me about their anxiety often want to know what caused their anxiety to start in the first place. 

If you struggle with anxiety, you may have wondered why you have the anxiety. Where did it come from? And how can I say goodbye to the anxiety so I can start feeling better and getting on with my life?

Two Types of Anxiety 

In my experience there are two broad types of anxiety.

The first is anxiety brought on from a specific (usually traumatic) event. For example, suppose you are driving along quite happily one day in the same way you have for years and then ‘bang’ you are involved in an accident.

It’s possible (although by no means certain) that you may have been a bit shaken up or even injured. You may find yourself thinking about or re-living the incident in your mind. And you may start to feel anxious about driving (whether as a driver, passenger or even just linked to certain roads).

And the more you experience your anxiety and avoid situations that make it worse, the more the anxiety can take hold and limit your choices.

The second type of anxiety can often be

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I’ve worked with hundreds of people to help them achieve weight loss in a way that allows them to reach their target weight and dress size – and then keep at that weight for year after year.

And many people who come to see me tell me similar things about their experiences with weight loss, such as:

  1. I’ve tried every diet out there – and I lost loads of weight but then put it all back on again (and more)
  2. I suffer (or used to) with anxiety, depression, stress or something else and use food to help me feel better
  3. I’ve always had bad habits around food (maybe even since childhood) and can’t seem to change them on my own

Whichever one or more of these applies, there are things we can do to change it for the better to improve that relationship with food, your emotions and your health.

However, that isn’t all of it.

The Strangest Thing About Weight Loss

The strangest thing about weight loss is this:

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What happened to last year’s resolutions?

According to various studies, somewhere between 40% - 95% of us make New Year’s Resolutions.

Yet around 75% of people will have given up, given in or lapsed within just ten days.

Will you be joining them by January 10th 2013?

And this year, about 60% of people will make the same resolution that they made last year (and maybe the year before too).

So what goes wrong with New Year's Reolutions?

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As we approach the end of 2012 (where did the year go?!), and before deciding what you want from next year, it’s a useful idea to carry out a brief review of what happened over the last 12 months.

Up and down and round and round…

If you are like most people, then the year will have had its high points, some not-so-high points and all those moments in between.

And often people (not you because you’re reading this) just turn up to their lives and go through each day pretty much like the one before. And it’s a bit late on your death bed to wonder what happened to your life.

So take a few minutes to review 2012 before asking what

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Christmas is meant to be the season of peace and goodwill, a time to relax, have fun and spend some quality time with the people you care most about.

Yet for many the Christmas period is a time of increased expectation, more expense and additional demands on their limited time. Rather than ‘happy holidays’ it becomes ‘hellish holidays’ wrapped in stress and frustration.

What is there to stress about?

Or some might ask, what isn’t there to stress about!

There are presents to buy (making sure you get the right thing for the right people), more food and drink to get in, cards to write, places to go, decisions over where to spend the big day…and who with, crowds to fight, money to find and it all has to be done on time!! Stress...stress...ad more stress!!

And of course we tend to eat less healthily, drink more and do less exercise – all of which can make us very grumpy indeed!

It may have all become far removed from those Christmas times you look back on when all you had to do was have fun, get excited and the biggest challenge was whether you could get to sleep on Christmas Eve.

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