I’ve just finished reading the book ‘I am legend’ by Richard Matheson (which, by the way, is 100 times better than the film!).

In the book, the central character finds himself alone in a world of vampires. The novel is all about his struggle to survive and the internal mental battles he faces. And the whole time he faces the risk of those pesky vampires getting hold of him.

Which got me thinking about something that my clients often mention to me.

Often they tell me about the people in their lives who seem to suck the very life (or at least their time) out of them.

Does this resonate with you?

Maybe it’s the people at

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Recently I was working with a client who had come to see me because he wanted to let go of his stress and anger, and start feeling happier and calmer.

As I usually do, I asked him how his day had been, how things had gone since our last session and a few other questions to learn how much better things were since the last time we chatted.

To each question his response boiled down to ‘not bad’.

How often have you asked someone how they are, how their day has been, how something went at work or even about how their holiday was – and all you get is a ‘not bad’ (or maybe a ‘not bad thanks’ if you are lucky).

And, I suppose that if you think about it

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Helping people successfully overcome their panic attacks is one of the most common things that people come to see me for help with.

If you suffer with panic attacks in your life right now, you may find it hard to believe that in just a few sessions the panic and anxiety could easily be a thing of the past and you could be enjoying getting on with your life feeling calmer, more in control and more confident.

Whatever the reason that led to your panic attacks starting – whether it was something specific or they seemed to come out of nowhere and you can’t understand what caused them – you can soon find that the anxiety and panic start ruling, and ruining, your life.

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You’ve been losing weight for a while and then, although nothing has changed you hit a weight loss plateau!

Now maybe you thought nothing of it, at first, but now you are finding it sticks in your mind. You’re feeling a bit anxious, maybe even panicky about what is going on with your weight loss plans.

There can be many reasons that you hit a weight loss plateau – and it is more common than you would like to think, to find that you stop losing weight for a while.

So here are four things to consider before you run for the diet industry’s short term fix.

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Just wanted to say a huge thank you to everyone who supported and sponsored me for the Cardiff Half Marathon.

Thanks to your kindness, over £850 has been raised for MacMillan Cancer Support - THANK YOU!

cardiff half marathon photo

I finished the race in a time of 01:30:39, coming 714th out of over 14,000 runners.

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With your fear of flying, thoughts of holidays can seem more like nightmares – unless you can get there by car. You may have used many excuses to explain why you haven’t been places on holiday or to visit friends and relatives.

Some people with a fear of flying don’t even like to look at planes passing by overhead or see planes on TV.

Because with your fear of flying you’ll do just about anything you can to avoid getting on a plane, until one day you either can’t avoid it anymore and you need to fly or you decide enough is enough and you take that first step to overcoming your fear.

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Are you looking to achieve super successful weight loss and sustain it year after year? Is it time you enjoyed being thinner, fitter, healthier and happier in yourself?

Maybe you are constantly frustrated with how diets never seem to work for you longer term, how you can make weight loss progress and then seem to sabotage it all, and all the time still having no control over unhelpful eating habits and behaviours.

If this resonates with you then the good news is that, whether you want to lose a little weight or a lot, I can help you succeed with your weight loss goals.

Because in addition to my existing successful hypnotherapy weight loss programmes,

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When will you stop smoking?

What will it take for you to finally take that step and quit smoking for good?

All smokers know that cigarettes are bad for them. You know that sucking in nicotine and other chemicals just can’t be good for you. And you know that you are gambling with your health with every drag.

And you may have told yourself many times that one of these days you will stop smoking for good.

So when will the time be right for you to stop smoking?

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On 6th October I’m going to be running the Cardiff Half Marathon to raise as much money as I can for MacMillan Cancer Support.

Why I’m running

My Dad has untreatable lung cancer. The doctors have done all they can and have told him that all they can do now is make him comfortable.

He was diagnosed with cancer over two and a half years ago and over that time has had chemotherapy and other treatments. Sadly they couldn’t keep the cancer from spreading.

Over the past couple of years he’s gone from a happy, active, engaged person to a shadow of who he was. I’ve seen him fade physically and mentally the longer he has become a prisoner to the cancer.

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If you suffer with panic attacks then you know

the overwhelming sense of fear and panic that seems to take over your mind and body.

You may become breathless, feel faint and start sweating and shaking. Some people experience chest pains and end up in A&E expecting to be told it’s a heart attack.

You feel as though you are under attack and out of control.

So it isn’t hard to understand why they are called panic attacks.

What causes panic attacks?

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