If you are over thirty then chances are you have at least a vague recollection of Showaddywaddy from when they regularly enjoyed chart success (if you don’t remember them (shame on you!) or you are a bit younger then check them out on You Tube!).

Showaddywaddy were the first band I ever went to see live in concert. I was about ten and my mum took me and my brother to see them play in Cardiff. I remember it was very loud and I didn’t have a clue what was going on.

And I saw them another few times when I was a bit older. But it was the time I saw them in 2006 that made my anxiety rocket and tested my confidence levels.

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When I was younger I was the victim of bullying. It happened at school, it happened at university and it happened at work. 

And it was never the actual physical stuff, it was always the threat of it, the comments and the name calling in earlier years and later, people abusing their position to undermine me. 

For a long time I thought it was my fault. Bullies like that - it seems to give them even more strength and motivation. And as someone who lacked confidence and internalised things, it was easy for them to bully me and put me down.The more they did it, the weaker I felt.

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Ever had one of those days where even the small things seem to wind you up? Like you got up out of the wrong side of the bed or like everyone in the world has decided this is the day that they are going to do whatever it takes to stress you out?

And then you spend the next hour (or more) going over what happened, looking for other people to tell or silently seething inside because  you can’t just let it go?

Maybe someone cut you up when you were driving or maybe someone in the shop blocked your way, was dawdling along so slowly or did the (and I’ve seen this one a lot!) elbow nudge as they passed you.

Your boss or partner may have said something and it’s really niggled you, or perhaps you got something in an e-mail from ‘that’ person and you can’t help but dwell on it and wish the world would swallow them up so you could get on with what you need to be doing.

Or maybe it’s the kids when they just won’t do what you want them to, and the house is a mess and you were supposed to be somewhere 10 minutes ago.

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Start reigning in your anxiety and giving your stressed brain some moments of peace every day:

5 Foundations of an Anxiety Free Life

1) Practice relaxing your breathing several times every day. Spend a minute breathing in for a count of 5 and out for a count of 8. 

2) Move more – go for a 15 minute walk every day – keep your eyes up and notice the world around you.

3) Spend time every day doing something that you enjoy or gives you a sense of fulfilment – whether it’s reading, knitting, making something, playing an instrument or something else.

4) Learn to manage your imagination – relax and focus on what you do want.

5) Properly relax (not watching TV) – close your eyes and focus on relaxing every part of your muscle and then every thought in your mind.

Dan Regan



Many of my clients, when they first come to see me, use alcohol as an external method of trying to control bad feelings – they feel anxious so have a drink to relax and try and calm their thoughts, they drink a few before meeting up with friends to feel more confident, they need a drink at the end of the working day to unwind and so on.

The problem comes when it isn’t possible to not have a drink, their health starts to suffer, they start forgetting parts of the evening or they find they can no longer go without a drink.

If you want to break this cycle then here are a few starters:

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Do you have trouble sleeping?

If you are anxious, worried, stressed or feeling low, sleep can be one of the main things affected. And the less well you sleep the more tired you become and the harder it is to cope. You may also start to worry about not getting enough sleep and the impact this will have for you - and so you create a cycle of feeling anious about sleeping, which leads to not sleeping and more anxiety.

So here are seven simple things you can do to improve your chance of a good night’s sleep:

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Social anxiety is something I suffered with for years before hypnotherapy helped me overcome my anxiety and enjoy being comfortable being myself.

I would constantly worry what others were thinking about me and worry about making an idiot of myself or doing something wrong. I would waste time and energy playing negative scenarios in my mind and criticising myself for not being good enough. I felt like there were two versions of me - the real me I could be when on my own and with others I knew well, and the anxious me who felt uncomfortable and would worry, stress and be unable to function around others.

Interviews, presentations and social occasions were an inner ordeal and sometimes my anxiety was so great I just wouldn’t do them.

I remember one time in an old job calling in sick just to avoid giving a 5 minute presentation. And of course whilst that removed the anxiety around the presentation itself, I spent many hours worrying about what they would think about me not being there and imagining them thinking negatively of me. 

If you suffer with social anxiety some of this may feel familiar.

Overcoming Social Anxiety

I know that you can smash through your social anxiety, however bad you think it is right now.

Here are three things that you can start to do that will immediately kick start you feeling happier, more confident and more comfortable being yourself:

1) Make time to relax and focus on what you want to happen. STOP worrying about all the things that could go wrong and what others may think – FLIP IT and start thinking how you do want things to go and looking forward to feeling more confident and in control.

2) Do at least one thing a day that takes you outside your comfort zone. However big or small: make it happen. It may be starting a conversation with someone you don’t know that well, picking up the phone instead of e-mailing or saying one thing in a meeting. Sure, you may feel a small rush of adrenaline but the positive payback will be ten times the payback.

3) Take action on the things you want to do BEFORE you feel 100% ready. There comes a time when all the analysis needs to end. If the thought of doing it excites you then commit to it and tell that doubting little voice in your head to get onside or shut up!

And most importantly, know that whatever happens – YOU’LL BE OKAY.

Dan Regan


A couple of months ago, I worked with a client who suffered with a massive level of health anxiety. She avoided anything to do with the doctor, dentist or optician because the fear and worry was too overwhelming.

And by far the biggest fear she had was about giving blood. It was unimaginable for her - just the thought of it made her anxious and worried. There were all sorts of imagined fears around needles and blood whirring through her mind.

Yet after just a few sessions she had been to the dentist for a check up, had her eyes tested AND given blood (and enjoyed it!). Amazing!

Giving Blood

I may be up on my soap box with this one a bit but please bear with me because it is important.

If you are anything like me then giving blood is one of those things you mean to get around to doing (unless you suffer with needle axiety or blood phobia in which case you don't!).

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One of my clients told me recently that she felt like a tightly wound up ball of anxiety. She constantly felt on edge, restless and tense and couldn't find any peace from feeling that way.

No matter how much she tried to distract herself for a while, all those unwelcome thoughts and feelings kept coming back.

However, that soon changed when she used the process below to find more and more inner calmness.

The Anxiety Ball

Here’s what worked for her and if you struggle with anxiety then you can benefit too:

anxiety ball


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As you would expect I'm a great believer in the power of hypnosis to help you manage emotions, end anxiety, boost self-esteem, increase confidence and in helping you to achieve your goals. It's a belief that is shared by my clients (you can read what people have said for more).

But everyday we go into 'trance' like moments and sometimes you may not appreciate your own internal power to hypnotise yourself negatively. 

Have you ever: