Are you stressed out? Does it just feel like you’ll never be able to get everything done on time? Does it make your head ache and mind feel overwhelmed and exhausted? 

Unmanageable stress is becoming more and more of a problem as we all try to cope with ever increasing demands on our time and energy. It can be easy to feel simply overwhelmed by the amount we need to do, whether it is work deadlines, family commitments, social pressures or some other addition to that endless list of demands.

Recently I was visited by someone who told me he had become trapped in

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If you are eating more than you want to and putting on weight then there will be reasons for this, whether it is: 

  • Eating too much, too fast or over-generous portion sizes
  • Emotional eating to try and help you feel better about yourself or life
  • Serial dieting so your body doesn’t know if it’s coming or going
  • Eating because you are bored, lonely, stressed, unhappy or tired
  • Lacking the motivation and energy to exercise and do things
  • Or maybe some other reason that pushes you to eat more as a habit

Recently I had a client who had put on several stone following illness and had fallen into habits she felt she couldn’t change with willpower alone – after our first weight loss session she told me she now felt 100% in control around food. Her portion sizes had reduced, she now enjoyed every mouthful and she no longer even wanted desert after a meal as she was already pleasantly satisfied. Her friends (who didn’t know she had seen me) had already commented how she seemed to be glowing, full of energy and looking thinner.

Another recent client discovered that exercise doesn’t have to mean

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Whether you’ve been a smoker for 40 years or just a few years and no matter whether your habit is 25 a day or a handful, hypnotherapy with Dan Regan Hypnotherapy can help you stop smoking forever.

Recently I saw a client who had smoked twenty plus roll ups a day for forty years (since he was ten years old) and was paying nearly £20 a week for the ‘pleasure’. He told me he had decided the time was right to quit after his health began to deteriorate and his shortness of breath started to affect his social life and job.

Another client had been smoking 5-10 cigarettes a day for thirty years, only pausing during pregnancy. She was fed up of the smell and of being the unsociable one who got up and went outside when out with friends.

What did both have in common? Both felt they wanted to quit and both

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That was the opening line I heard from a recent client when she initially came to see me for a 30 minute chat about hypnotherapy in Ely.

Whilst working together in subsequent sessions, we went into a bit more detail. Imagine if you were too worried to plan a night out with friends because you were fearful about panicking or having a panic attack, or if you were out and as the room filled up so that feeling of tightness in your throat increased, the images played in your mind of what happened last time and your mind started to race faster and faster until you had to escape out of there.

 After a while you’d also start to feel a bit down, wouldn’t you? Never knowing when

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When clients come to see me about weight loss, one of the first things I want to find out about are their actual goals.

Often people won’t have actually given much thought to making these specific and will talk in general terms about losing some weight or feeling and looking better than they consider they do now. They may also talk about

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Steve initially came to see me for a free consultation to hear more about how hypnotherapy could help him. You see, Steve suffered with problems including paranoia, anxiety, feeling self conscious, low self esteem and low confidence.

These thoughts and feelings were affecting every part of his life – he would worry about what people thought about him and anything he said or did. This had grown so bad that

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Imagine being able to finally stop smoking. How good would that feel? What would your friends and family say about your new levels of health and vitality?

If you are a smoker then it’s probably obvious, if you think about it, how much better your life could be if you found a way to stop smoking that worked.

One client who came to see me recently for hypnotherapy had struggled to find a

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The build up to your wedding day should be a time of excitement and fun and happiness. Shouldn’t it?

When Elizabeth came to see me she was feeling low, anxious and stressed about the whole wedding thing. She was getting an earful from ‘helpful’ relatives on how she should do things, she had so much to organise and she just felt so much stress with the whole thing. Everything seemed a far cry from the happy occasion she had been hoping for.

Yet after only a couple of sessions using an advanced mix of hypnosis, NLP and Time Line Therapy, all the wedding stress, worry, and anxiety had evaporated.

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What would it be like to simply let go of all that public speaking anxiety you’ve been carrying with you for all those years through all those work and social situations?  Imagine what you would say to yourself if you knew you had all the confidence and self esteem you could need to breeze through any public speaking situation in a calm and controlled way.

When Ella came to see me recently she was anxious (some might say petrified!) about

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According to some estimates 30-50% of the population suffer from insomnia – that’s a lot of people lying awake at night! And that means a lot of tired, irritable, miserable people during the day.

There are some things you can easily do which may help you get a better night’s sleep such as avoiding caffeine and alcohol late at night, keeping work out of the bedroom and making sure the lights and temperature of the room are right.

They also say you should never go to bed with your worries – for some people that’s easier said than done.

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