Sugar addiction and compulsive eating help:

If you struggle with sugar addiction or compulsive eating disorder then you will know that the urges and cravings can become overwhelming and persistent. 

You may try and tell yourself that you will break the pattern of habits and emotions only to find that the same behaviours repeat themselves. It can have massive impacts on your health, your self esteem and your well being.

So how do you eliminate your sugar addiction and compulsive eating?

Ending Sugar Addiction and Compulsive Eating

In the video below, Sarah describes how she ended her addicition to sugar and compulsion to eat using hypnosis.

I would mention that Sarah is my wife and usually I wouldn't publish a video from a family memeber. But Sarah was adamant that she wanted to try and give hope to others that they no longer have to struggle in silence. 

Sarah is passionate about raising awareness of eating disorders and that there is help available and so she wanted to share her story in the hope that it helps others.

Here's what she said:


Support To End Eating Disorders

If you want to end sugar cravings and your compulsive eating then you can learn more at a confidential, no obligation, complimentary consultation. Just call 01353 669941 or use the contact section and you can find out whether hypnotherapy is the right option for you too.

To your success,

Dan Regan

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