Smartphone Addiction: The Impact Of Your Phone On Your Focus, Attention and Performance:

In my last article I wrote about the existence of cell phone addiction and smartphone addiction and about how their use can be problem that is tightly linked to technological developments which can impact on your daily life (have a read of that one here: Is Cell Phone Addiction a Thing? Smartphone Use, Sleep, Anxiety & Depression).

These can include problems such as their use in dangerous situations or prohibited contexts, a loss of interest in other activities, repeated interruptions, periods of insomnia and sleep disturbance, and feelings of irritability, anxiety and loneliness if you are separated from your phone or unable to immediately send or receive messages. And I didn't even mention other related problems such as online bullying and abuse, hackers and fraudsters.

I also covered a study that found that depression and anxiety scores were higher in a high smartphone use group than in a low smartphone use group. Those researchers concluded that depression, anxiety and sleep quality may be associated with smartphone overuse and that such overuse may lead to depression and/or anxiety, which can in turn result in sleep problems.

And yes our cell phones and smartphones have lots of cool stuff that makes life easier, give us information at our fingertips and mean we can communicate with others wherever and whenever we like. It isn't all doom and gloom! Yet how we use our smartphones and mobiles can impact on us and we may be blissfully unaware it is happening or even be in denial, such is our reliance upon these devices.

In this article I'm moving on to look at the impact your cell phone / smartphone can have on your thinking, focus, attention and performance in ways you may not have even yet considered.

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Alcohol Abuse - Take Back Control Over Alcohol:

Has alcohol taken over your life? Alcohol abuse can creep up gradually - at first you feel in contol over your alcohol consumption but over time it takes more and more control away from you.

And whilst drinking is a generally accepted activity, you may have found that you need a drink, that you can't stop once you start, that you regularly drink more than you intended to and that you need more and more for the same effect. It is likely that it has started to cause problems in your life whether that is in relationships, friendships, your career or your health and self esteem. 

Depending on your level of alcohol abuse, you may have found that you are no longer in control - it controls your life.

So how can you start to take back control?

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Sugar addiction and compulsive eating help:

If you struggle with sugar addiction or compulsive eating disorder then you will know that the urges and cravings can become overwhelming and persistent. 

You may try and tell yourself that you will break the pattern of habits and emotions only to find that the same behaviours repeat themselves. It can have massive impacts on your health, your self esteem and your well being.

So how do you eliminate your sugar addiction and compulsive eating?

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Cocaine addiction levels seem to be rife according to anecdotal evidence from the increasing number of people who come to see me to end cocaine drug addiction. 

Over recent months I have helped many people to end their cocaine addiction. 

Generally the drug addicition starts as something you feel in control over, maybe just occasionally, maybe with friends and perhaps even enjoyable. Yet over time cocaine addiction starts to creep in more and more. You may find yourself thinking about it more, working out how to get some, giving in to cravings and using more and more.

So how can you take back control over your cocaine addicition and end your drug addiction for good?

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